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Your Pregnancy at Week 34

This week, your baby is as big as a butternut squash.

Explore your pregnancy at Week 34

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The following information was reviewed by Katherine Cheng

At A Glance


99% of babies can survive outside the uterus at this stage

Entering the 34th week of pregnancy, all parts of your baby's body are almost fully developed, you can get ready to celebrate very soon. 

Baby's Development at 34 Weeks


Baby's nervous system is fully developed

During ultrasound scans at this stage you will begin to see facial expressions as a result of a fully developed nervous system.


Prenatal education

Its good to interact with your baby on a daily basis. Talking to your baby through your belly can help establish a close connection between parent and child.

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Your Pregnancy Symptoms at Week 34

Dizziness may occur 

In the later stages of pregnancy, pregnant women may experience dizziness due to standing up too quickly, hypoglycemia, severe anemia, and overheating of the room temperature. Pregnant women should therefore: 

  • Avoid prolonged standing
  • Drink more water 
  • Get enough iron and folic acid

Long hemorrhoids 

Changes in oestrogen levels, coupled with the enlargement of the uterus putting additional pressure on the pelvic veins and rectum can cause the anal cushion to swell. This can result in difficulty defecating and the formation of hemorrhoids. To prevent hemorrhoids, pregnant women should consume more fibre than usual and avoid sitting on the toilet for too long. 

Bleeding gums

Cleaning teeth thoroughly every day is extremely important for oral health, especially when hormone secretion changes during pregnancy. The gums of pregnant women are prone to allergic reactions due to the toxins secreted by bacteria in the dental plaque. They become red, swollen and bleed easily. This phenomenon is called "Gingivitis of pregnancy". 

Rapid growth of hair and nails 

This is also due to the increased concentration of estrogen in pregnant women. When blood circulation increases, pregnant women will find that their hair becomes thicker and shinier than before, and their nails grow faster and become stronger. But when the postpartum oestrogen concentration drops, the growth rate will return to the state before pregnancy. 

Advice from OT&P Obstetricians

At 34 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is about to be born. It is recommended that you: 

  • Get fortnightly check-ups to closely observe the condition of your baby and yourself
  • According to the pregnant woman's physical condition and family medical history, if necessary, the obstetrician may inject anti-RH factor globulin solution for the pregnant woman to prevent miscarriage or newborn infant death caused by the difference in RH factor between spouses

Mothers who wish to give birth naturally can learn about midwifery breathing methods in advance. 

You are welcome to make an appointment with an OT&P midwife for midwifery breathing exercises or to ask questions about soothing discomfort before labour. 

Tips for 34 Weeks Pregnant

  • Pregnant women may feel a little tired around the waist, try wearing a maternity belt to help support the abdomen and distribute the weight
  • Eat small and frequent meals to avoid blood sugar drop
  • You can choose to sleep on your side, either left or right is better than back sleeping, but the left side is better

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