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About OT&P

Our mission is to provide pre-eminent private healthcare in Hong Kong

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Who We Are

Established in 1994, OT&P is one of Hong Kong’s leading healthcare providers. Our founding partners, Dr Tim Trodd and Dr David Owens, established the first clinic. Today, OT&P operates across seven clinics, covering multiple specialities with more than 80 medical professionals, supported by a staff of over 200.

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OT&P Culture

Known for its welcoming atmosphere, easy access and range of services, OT&P Healthcare offers families, individuals, and corporate clients trusted medical care with the highest international standards. Our practitioners are experienced leaders in the healthcare industry and strive to deliver the highest quality care to each patient. Shared values, teamwork, transparency and a commitment to ongoing professional development ensures that our patients receive the most effective medical advice and have access to the latest treatments.

Everything we do is kept with patients in mind, and this is embedded into our philosophy. Whether it be in our recruitment processes, training, innovation or execution, OT&P Healthcare will always put patients first. Our vision is to be the best-in-class, fully integrated healthcare clinic, providing a circle of care for all our patient’s needs.

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Our Speciality Clinics & Locations

  • Central General Practice
  • Central Specialists
  • Family Clinic at Central
  • MindWorX at Central
  • BodyWorX at Central
  • Clearwater Bay
  • Repulse Bay
  • Central General Practice

    Located on the 5th floor of the Century Square building, our Central General Practice clinic houses a team of Family Medicine Specialists and General Practitioners. This clinic offers preventative care services, tailored health advice and health screenings. In-house facilities for stress tests and Electrocardiograms (ECGs) also provide convenience for patients.




Advanced Technology at OT&P

With a commitment to invest in technology and process, we strive to hire the best doctors and take on challenges to increase the availability of our services to many more patients in Hong Kong. We have, and always will, deliver our services with uncompromising quality at the highest standards.

Additional Services at OT&P

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Corporate Wellness

OT&P’s tailored corporate wellness programmes extend a range of services for organisations. These programmes are designed to help companies build their ideal corporate wellness initiatives. Services include pandemic response and COVID testing, vaccination programmes, bespoke health checks, educational training and health advisory services.

OT&P’s in-depth understanding of its individual and corporate clients, and experience of the Hong Kong region, offers flexibility in meeting the desired scope of services. Every package is customised to suit the needs of every employer, leading to building a productive and healthy workforce.

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Dedicated Pharmacy

OT&P Healthcare is the holder of a wholesale pharmacy licence. Our skilled pharmacy team can efficiently source drugs, manage stock and dispense medication to patients at each of our clinics.

All products come from approved suppliers and rigorous control measures are enforced as part of OT&P Healthcare's quality management system. The pharmacists visit all the clinics regularly and lead a team of dispensers.

Reviews are conducted at regular intervals and the pharmacist ensures staff are supported to provide advice when it is needed. . Our wholesale licence provides the group with the ability to import medications according to the patient's needs. This can be invaluable for patients undergoing a specific treatment or who have a medicinal regimen.

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