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    Our Wellness Packages are for individuals seeking a wide variety of health and wellness treatments


    Wellness at OT&P A&W Clinic

    Looking after your wellness is about finding ways to improve your lifestyle, optimise your gut and brain health, combat disease, increase your energy level and improve your sleep.

    OT&P Wellness is here to help you drive good, measurable health improvements year after year. We’re here to help you curate a lifestyle that is enriching physically and mentally. Most importantly, we want you to live the best version of you. 

    A&W Concierge

    OT&P A&W Approach To Wellness

    Wellness at OT&P is unique, bespoke and patient centric. We’re here to help lay the foundation for your health as well as help you navigate the different ways to optimize your overall health and wellbeing. 

    Unique Root Cause Analysis

    The wellness framework in our clinic consists of finding the root cause of your problem, providing guidance and education to help you manage it and ultimately reach an end goal of better health and improved quality of life. 


    We tailor our approach to your beliefs, values, and preferences to avoid unnecessary tests and expenses. 

    Patient Centric

    We prioritise patient-centred care as no two patients are the same - with their problems, cause or effect.

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