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Aesthetics & Wellness
Hong Kong Services

Maintain your holistic health and wellbeing

OT&P Aesthetics and Wellness services are delivered by a multidisciplinary, fully integrated team that looks after your overall health and wellbeing. Our services are medically led and we examine your inner and outer health and wellbeing.

Our Hong Kong wellness services are conveniently located in Central Hong Kong. A team of best in class specialists, general practitioners, nurses and nutritionists are here to help you through your health and wellbeing journey.

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OT&P Aesthetics is the premier aesthetic medicine destination for those looking to achieve younger, natural results without looking overdone. Aesthetic Medicine treatments are non-invasive and have little downtime.

These treatments are provided by a team of experienced plastic surgeons and practitioners using state-of-the-art equipment. Our team offers personalised, safe and effective treatments and services to meet the individual needs of our patients.



Wellness at OT&P is unique, bespoke and patient-centric. We’re here to help lay the foundation for your holistic health as well as help you navigate the different ways to optimise your overall health and wellbeing.

OT&P's wellness framework consists of finding the root cause of your problem, providing guidance and education to help you manage it and ultimately reach an end goal of better health and improved quality of life.

Our Aesthetics & Wellness Services

If you require any more information before making an appointment, feel free to contact our wellness concierge on WhatsApp.

Concierge Service Creating Personalised Solutions For You

With so many options now available, deciding the right route can be daunting. Here is a breakdown of the approach to our bespoke concierge service to empower you to make decisions that work for your health.


Doctor Led

Our approach is very much doctor led. Our doctors are at the driving force of every decision that is made to ensure we are providing systemic quality care for our patients.



We have adopted a holistic approach towards the health of our patients that incorporates preventative measures, treatment, recovery as well as performance enhancement.


Multidisciplinary Support

Our team of experienced practitioners here at OT&P work together to deliver comprehensive care that addresses patient’s needs the best way possible.


Tailor Made Solutions

We here at OT&P value each and every one of our patients. Therefore, we ensure that each patient receives tailor made solutions to address their specific needs.