Postnatal Care: The First 6 Weeks of Recovery

3 Jun 2020

No words can describe the feelings of being a new parent – bonding and caring for your newborn every day can bring such happiness and joy to any parent. However, it can be challenging to adjust to everyday life immediately after childbirth, especially for first-time mothers as this is when their body and emotions experience significant changes. 

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Treating Postpartum Depression in Hong Kong

2 Jun 2020

For many women, becoming a new mother is synonymous with joy and fulfilment, and despite the anticipated sleep deprivation and meltdowns, mothers are excited to bond with their new little one. But this bond may not happen to all mothers, and some can have difficulty in forming an emotional connection, even going as far as to feel that their new child is a stranger1.

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COVID-19: the distinction between a disease and an epidemic

18 May 2020

Education and information are crucial factors in the management of infectious disease. The distinction between the disease and the epidemic is key.

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Is there a place for diet and lifestyle in the prevention of severe COVID-19 infection?

11 May 2020

Metabolic Syndrome1 is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. These conditions include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

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How do I find a family doctor in Hong Kong?

26 Apr 2020

Hong Kong’s healthcare system is consistently ranked among the top in the world, with high standards of medical practice and various public and private options for individuals to seek. 

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Antibodies: what are they and why are the antibody studies so important?

22 Apr 2020

Updated on May 15th 2020, written by Dr David Owens.

The impact of all infectious illness is ultimately determined by two independent factors:

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How Can Speech Therapy Benefit Your Child?

20 Apr 2020

As we’ve mentioned before, every child is unique, learning at their own pace and with their own learning style. This includes learning to speak in their own individual way, which can be largely influenced by the interactions between the child and the parents. This is especially so in a multicultural city like Hong Kong, where most children learn to speak two or even three languages as they grow up.

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Exercises to keep yourself active when the gym is closed – a Sports Medicine perspective

15 Apr 2020

Written by Dr Ray SH Ng (General Practitioner with interest in Sports and Exercise Medicine)

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Is Vitamin C useful for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19?

15 Apr 2020

There are no absolutely proven therapies for COVID-19 as yet. It is possible that strategies that improve overall resistance to viral respiratory infections will help. In addition Vitamin C has been used to treat patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU) with COVID-19 and other forms of pneumonia. This article gives a brief overview of the use of Vitamin C in these situations.

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