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STD/STI Test Services in Hong Kong

OT&P healthcare offers comprehensive STD clinic services in Hong Kong. Our STD check ups are conducted by licensed medical practitioners. Your well-being, privacy, and peace of mind are our top concerns. Prioritise your sexual health today with our confidential STD screenings.

What We Test For:

  • Chlamydia


    This bacterial infection is often symptomless, which can make it difficult to recognise without testing. If left untreated, it can cause serious health problems, including infertility.

  • Gonorrhea


    Also known as "the clap," gonorrhoea is a bacterial infection that can affect the genitals, rectum, and throat. It may cause symptoms like discharge or painful urination, but it can also be asymptomatic.

  • Syphilis


    A bacterial infection that progresses in stages, syphilis can cause long-term complications if not addressed. Its early symptoms can be mild and easily mistaken for other conditions.

  • Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)

    Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)

    This virus has two types: HSV-1, which typically causes oral herpes (cold sores), and HSV-2, which typically causes genital herpes. Both types can cause sores in either location.

  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

    Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

    This viral infection is very common and includes over 100 different types, some of which can cause genital warts, and others can lead to certain types of cancer.

  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

    Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

    This virus attacks the immune system and can lead to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). HIV is transmitted through certain body fluids, and without treatment, it can cause severe damage to the immune system.

  • Trichomoniasis


    Caused by a parasite, this infection can produce symptoms such as irritation, discharge, or painful urination, but it often shows no symptoms.

  • Hepatitis B and C

    Hepatitis B and C

    These are viral infections that attack the liver. They can be sexually transmitted, but are also spread through other methods such as sharing needles.

  • Mycoplasma


    Mycoplasma is a genus of tiny, cell wall-less bacteria, resistant to many antibiotics, causing various human diseases and contaminating cell cultures.

  • Ureaplasma


    Ureaplasma is a genus of bacteria that inhabit the urogenital tract, potentially causing various reproductive health issues and urinary tract infections.

STD/STI Tests & Pricing

We offer various screening tests based on your needs. Below are our STD test prices excluding the cost of the doctor's consult. Our service team is happy to accommodate any bespoke needs you may have.

Blood-Borne Disease Test 1
HIV & Syphilis
Blood-Borne Disease Test 2
Hepatitis C Antibody & Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
HPV Vaginal or Anal Swab
STIs with Systemic Implications
Localised STIs Infections
STD Multiplex PCR x 7 (7 Test Screening)
Herpes Assessment

Our STD/STI Testing Process

At OT&P Healthcare, we understand that undergoing STD testing may cause feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. We are committed to ensuring that your experience with us is comfortable, respectful, and confidential. Our testing procedure, led by experienced healthcare professionals, is designed with your needs in mind.

Our general practitioners are highly skilled in the field of STD testing. They offer not only their technical expertise but also their understanding and support. They are readily available to answer any questions and address any concerns you might have about the testing process or the potential results.

Our Practitioners

Benefits of Regular STD/STI Screenings

Detecting Silent Infections

Many STDs don't exhibit symptoms in their early stages. Regular screenings detect these hidden threats.

Prevention of Severe Health Issues

Delayed treatment can lead to complications like infertility and increased vulnerability to other infections. Regular check-ups help avoid these issues.

Increased Treatment Success

Early detection often equates to better treatment outcomes and full recovery for many STDs.

Mitigating Spread

By being aware of your status, you can act responsibly, protecting partners and curbing transmission.

Safeguarding Pregnancy

Women intending to conceive can ensure the health of their future child by preempting potential infection transmissions.

Contribution to Public Health

Routine screenings underpin larger public health endeavours, helping manage and reduce the spread of STDs.

Peace of Mind

Especially for those with multiple partners or engaging in unprotected intercourse, screenings affirm one's health status, alleviating potential anxieties.


How are STDs spread?

STDs are primarily spread through sexual contact with an infected individual.

What are signs of oral STDs?

Signs can include sores, swelling, and pain.

How soon can you test for STDs?

Testing is typically advised a few days to weeks after potential exposure, depending on the STD.

Are STDs curable?

While many STDs are curable with treatment, some are only manageable.

What are symptoms of STDs?

Symptoms can range from sores, itching, and pain to unusual discharge and swelling.

Can you get STDs without sexual intercourse?

Yes, certain STDs can spread through non-sexual means such as shared needles or skin-to-skin contact.

What STDs do condoms not prevent?

Condoms don't fully prevent STDs like herpes and HPV, which can spread through skin-to-skin contact.

How do you prevent STDs?

Regular screenings, using protection, and practising safe sex are key preventive measures.

Do oral STDs go away on their own?

Some might, but many require medical treatment.

Can kissing cause STDs?

Yes, certain STDs like oral herpes can be transmitted through kissing.

What are signs of STDs in your mouth?

Common signs are oral sores, pain, swelling, and discoloured patches.

At OT&P Healthcare, we advocate for regular STD screening as an integral part of responsible sexual health maintenance.

Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals are here to offer confidential testing and counselling services, helping you understand your health better and providing guidance on maintaining it effectively.

Remember, your health is your wealth. Regular STD screenings are not just tests; they're a form of self-care and a step towards a healthier, safer life.

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