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Your Pregnancy at Week 2

 Women who are in the ovulation period have a slightly higher basal body temperature than usual.

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The following information was reviewed by Dr. Cheng Ka Ning, Katherine

At A Glance

Best time to have sex

Having sex from 5 days before ovulation to the day of ovulation can increase your chances of conceiving. 

Tracking your ovulation

Based on the average female cycle of 28 days, the ovulation period occurs approximately on the 14th day of the first day of menstruation. Women who are in the ovulation period have a slightly higher basal body temperature than usual, and observing the amount and texture of cervical mucus secretion can help predicting the ovulation period. You can also use ovulation test strips to find out the ovulation time.  

When sperm meets egg

During week 2-3 of pregnancy, when the sperm and egg are successfully fertilised, it will become known as a Blastocyst and move toward the uterus. Next, implantation of the fertilised egg forms an embryonic follicle that attaches to the endometrium. Successful implantation means you are officially pregnant!  

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You Pregnancy Symptoms at Week 2

Body temperature rises

During ovulation, your basal body temperature rises slightly more than usual at about 0.3 °C.  You could track your temperature every morning, record the results and find out the patterns. In the 2 to 3 days before the rise in body temperature, your fertility is the highest.

Changes in cervical mucus secretion

Cervical mucus secretion changes before ovulation. You are likely ovulating (and most fertile) when the mucus is heavy, wet and slippery. It will have the consistency of raw egg whites, which promote the sperm motility to meet the egg.

Tips for 2 Weeks Pregnant

  • Pay attention to the physical signs of ovulation or use ovulation test strips to calculate the fertility window 
  • Have sex every other day during the fertility window. For more advice on conceiving, please consult an OT&P obstetrician. 
  • If you are trying to conceive, you could consider healthy diet and supplements (folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B12, Omega 3, zinc, selenium, iron). OT&P nutritionist could help you to find the right balance. 
  • Quit smoking and drinking.   
  • Consult an OT&P obstetrician for any infertility problems.  



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