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    Whether you’re planning for an addition to your family or are already pregnant, OT&P’s Annerley Team is here to help. Visit our new website to discover a wide range of support, including prenatal and postnatal care, home visits, and classes to prepare you and your family for the arrival of your little one. 

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    Special: Fixed Price Maternity Delivery Package

    OT&P Healthcare has partnered with Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital. to create a special fixed price maternity package. This package includes the hospital room and surgical chargers, along with the expert care of the OT&P Annerley team. No hidden cost or unplanned add-on cost due to complications or emergencies. You pay precisely the package price with no worries.

    We hope to make hospital costs and doctors’ fees as clear as possible, so that couples can budget confidently for a private hospital delivery.

    • Please note that these packages are only available at the above mentioned private hospitals. 
    • Quoted fixed price depends on the delivery method.

    Learn more about this package here

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    Why do you need a maternity package?

    Navigating Hong Kong’s pregnancy process while dealing with the countless physical and psychological changes can be overwhelming. It can be even more stressful when you’re busy preparing for parenthood in between all the other responsibilities of city life.

    Our maternity plans ease that burden by providing the guidance, education and medical examinations required for a worry-free childbirth experience – from pregnancy (prenatal/antenatal), delivery and up to eight weeks after birth (postnatal). With tailored medical advice, childbirth classes and emotional support, OT&P's specialists will be with you every step of the way.

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    Who needs a maternity package?

    Whether it’s your first pregnancy or if you’ve given birth before, OT&P's personalised care, highly experienced staff and robust support network offer peace of mind from the prenatal/antenatal stages to postnatal stages of your pregnancy.

    Our certified midwives offer antenatal education, private birth planning, home visits and on-call phone support. We also have in-house OB-GYN specialists to provide check-ups, scans and blood tests in our Central Family Clinic. These services are available for both public and private hospital births, and can be tailored according to your needs. You can schedule an information chat with Maternity Package Manager.

    'Just Pregnant?' Free Workshop

    Our ‘Just Pregnant?’ workshop is a free talk aimed at educating new parents-to-be about the pros and cons of all the options available to them regarding antenatal care in Hong Kong. This class will answer all the questions you may have about pregnancy and childbirth. 


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    Maternity Packages

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    Compare Our Maternity Packages

    Prime Private Nexus Public Nexus Private Best of Both
    Obstetrician-led care for a private hospital birth Obstetrician & Midwife partnered-care for a public hospital birth Obstetrician & Midwife partnered-care for a private hospital birth Shared pregnancy care with private Midwives and public hospitals
    Hospital Type Private Public (Government) Private Public (Government)
    Hospital Booking + +
    On-Call Phone Support with Midwives Optional Optional Optional


    Check-Ups 10 x with Obstetrician 7 x with Midwives
    4 x with Obstetricians
    4 x with Midwives
    6 x with Obstetricians
    7 x with Midwives
    Birth Preparation Course
    Choose from our selection of prenatal courses.
    Optional x1 x1 x1
    Birth Breathing Class
    Meditation and relaxation exercises for labour and birth
    'Giving Birth in a Public Hospital' Workshop
    Birth Planning Session Optional
    Pre-eclampsia Screening Optional Optional Optional

    Blood Tests & Scans

    Pregnancy Profile
    Ultrasound Scans
    with Obstetricians
    10x 4x 6x
    Ultrasound Scans
    with Midwives
    Optional Optional Optional
    3D Ultrasound Scan
    with Midwives
    Down's Syndrome Screening — Panorama / SafeT21 / OSCAR
    Please note that our Doctor can recommend depending on patient circumstances and needs.
    + HK$ 8,500
    + HK$ 7,800
    Down's Syndrome Screening — Nuchal Fold Measurement
    Glucose Tolerance Blood Test
    Bacterial Screen - GroupB Streptococcus Swab
    Ferritin (Iron)
    Vitamin D
    Week-20 Anomaly Scan

    Labour & Delivery

    Private Obstetrician Additional Cost Additional Cost
    Private Anaesthetist
    If required
    Additional Cost Additional Cost


    Week-6 Obstetrician Check-up & Consultation
    Home Visits by Midwife
    Breastfeeding assistance with clinical, practical, emotional support
    Specialist Paediatrician Consultation (baby)
    Up to 6 weeks old

    + Additional private facilities costs to be paid after birth

    Note: Packages can be customised and tailored to each pregnancy, please get in contact with us for more information.