Annerley Maternity Packages at OT&P

For private and public hospital births in Hong Kong

Regarding Public Hospital Births

In response to the current restrictions affecting public hospital births in Hong Kong, OT&P Healthcare has arranged capped cost for maternity delivery packages with Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong. We hope this will make the option of a private hospital birth accessible to as many expectant women as possible.

  • Please note that these packages are only available at the Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital for a standard room and will be attended by the on-call OT&P specialist obstetrician.
  • The package also includes one postnatal visit by one of the OT&P/Annerley midwives.

Please email for more details.

Young pregnant couple at home

Why do you need a maternity package?

Navigating Hong Kong’s pregnancy process while dealing with the countless physical and psychological changes can be overwhelming. It can be even more stressful when you’re busy preparing for parenthood in between all the other responsibilities of city life.

Our maternity plans ease that burden by providing the guidance, education and medical examinations required for a worry-free childbirth experience – from pregnancy (prenatal/antenatal), delivery and up to eight weeks after birth (postnatal). With tailored medical advice, childbirth classes and emotional support, OT&P's specialists will be with you every step of the way.

Midwife checking blood pressure of pregnant woman

Who needs a maternity package?

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or if you’ve given birth before, OT&P's personalised care, highly experienced staff and robust support network offer peace of mind from the prenatal/antenatal stages to postnatal stages of your pregnancy.

Our certified midwives offer antenatal education, private birth planning, home visits and on-call phone support. We also have in-house OB-GYN specialists to provide check-ups, scans and blood tests in our Central Family Clinic. These services are available for both public and private hospital births, and can be tailored according to your needs. You can schedule a free consultation with our Maternity Package Manager for more information.

At OT&P, we believe every pregnant woman deserves to have non-biased information regarding her care and childbirth options, as well as a continuous support system that helps parents to strengthen their own abilities to cope with parenthood. Our ambition is to be non-judgemental and focused on individual needs.

Hulda Thorey

Hulda Thorey

Midwife, Former Principal of Annerley & Mother of four

Maternity Packages

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Compare Our Maternity Packages

Prime Private Nexus Public Nexus Private
Obstetrician-led care for a private hospital birth Obstetrician & Midwife partnered-care for a public hospital birth Obstetrician & Midwife partnered-care for a private hospital birth
Hospital Type Private Public (Government) Private
Hospital Booking + +
On-Call Phone Support with Midwives Optional Optional


Check-Ups 10 x with Obstetrician 8 x with Midwives
4 x with Obstetricians
4 x with Midwives
6 x with Obstetricians
Birth Preparation Course
Choose from our selection of prenatal courses.
Optional x1 x1
Birth Breathing Class
Meditation and relaxation exercises for labour and birth
'Giving Birth in a Public Hospital' Workshop
Birth Planning Session

Blood Tests & Scans

Pregnancy Profile
Ultrasound Scans
with Obstetricians
9x 3x 5x
Ultrasound Scans
with Midwives
3x 3x
3D Ultrasound Scan
with Midwives
Down's Syndrome Screening — Panorama/SafeT21/OSCAR
Please note that our Doctor can recommend depending on patient circumstances and needs.
+ HK$ 8,500
+ HK$ 7,800
Down's Syndrome Screening — Nuchal Fold Measurement
Glucose Tolerance Blood Test
Bacterial Screen - GroupB Streptococcus Swab
Ferritin (Iron)
Vitamin D
Week-20 Anomaly Scan

Labour & Delivery

Private Obstetrician Additional Cost +
Private Anaesthetist
If required
Additional Cost +


Week-6 Obstetrician Check-up & Consultation
Home Visits by Midwife
Breastfeeding assistance with clinical, practical, emotional support

+ Additional private facilities costs to be paid after birth

Note: Packages can be customised and tailored to each pregnancy, please get in contact with us for more information.