General Surgery

What is OT&P's approach to Surgery?

General surgery is a surgical speciality that focuses on performing surgeries for common illnesses and symptoms. Most commonly, in the area of the abdominal, alimentary tract (like the oesophagus), breast, skin and soft tissue, and the endocrine system.

OT&P's surgeons are focused on providing the best pre and post-surgery care to ensure that your experience with surgery will be as comfortable as possible.

Who should get a Surgery consultation?

In most cases, consultations with a general surgeon will come with a referral from a general practitioner or another specialist. If you are experiencing any pain or difficulties, please consult with them first.

Our surgeons are specialised in the field of breast cancer surgeries and screening, coloproctology, gastrointestinal surgeries, ultrasound diagnostics, and minimally invasive surgeries like cryotherapy.

We welcome any patients who have had surgeries previously and developed complications in previous procedures. We can also serve patients who are in any emergency.

Our Doctors