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General Surgery

A broad spectrum of surgical operative procedures, including in-clinic and outpatient surgeries

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General Surgery at OT&P

General Surgery refers to operative procedures treating a wide range of conditions, from obesity to cancer. It can be performed for many reasons, from further examination of a condition to treating its symptoms.

Our general surgeons are specialised in performing common and complex surgical procedures focused on the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Alimentary tract (like the oesophagus)
  • Breast area
  • Skin and soft tissue
  • Endocrine system

If you have recently felt unusual symptoms, or are already considering a surgical procedure, you can book an appointment to discuss your situation with our surgeon. In case of emergency however, please call 999 and your designated hospital will contact us for assistance.

Attentive care and guidance through any surgical procedure, no matter how common or complex

General Surgery can seem overwhelming due to the nature of the procedures and the recovery process. That’s why at OT&P, our surgeons are focused on providing the best pre and post-surgery care to ensure that your experience is as comfortable as possible.

Our surgeons also have admission privileges at many Hong Kong private hospitals in case your surgery requires inpatient care. You can rest assured that you are treated with the highest standard of professional care.

Conditions Treated

We help patients with conditions requiring surgical intervention, as well as patients with complications from past surgeries. Our doctors are specialised in the field of breast cancer surgeries and screening, coloproctology, gastrointestinal surgeries, ultrasound diagnostics, and minimally invasive surgeries like cryotherapy.

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Colorectal Cancer

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Breast Cancer

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Vascular Diseases

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Lumps & Bumps

Get a second opinion for your planned surgery

It’s common practice to discuss your condition and surgery plan with more than one General Surgery specialist before committing to a procedure. If surgery has been suggested to you by a doctor already, our clinic can arrange for a second opinion consultation to ease any concerns you might have.

Our General Surgery Process

Each surgery deals with a unique set of circumstances. As such we ensure our process is designed with the most up-to-date research and options at every stage.

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1. Surgical Diagnosis

In the case of an emergency, we help our patients immediately. Once you have called 999, the hospital will contact our surgeons for assistance.

In most non-emergency cases, your procedure does not have to be commenced immediately. You will want to discuss your condition with a general practitioner to determine whether you need to see a general surgeon. Once you have an appointment with a general surgeon, they will carefully examine your medical history, and your condition to propose the best plan and ensure your comfort and health.

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2. Location of Surgery

Our Central Specialist clinic and Aesthetic & Wellness clinic are equipped with facilities that allow for minor surgeries. Depending on your condition, the general surgeon may decide for either an outpatient, inpatient, or ambulatory procedure. Some of the surgeries may have to be performed in a hospital, due to the equipment required. 

You will discuss the location of your surgery, as well as the estimated cost of the procedure in your first appointment with a surgeon.

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3. Outpatient Surgery

Outpatient surgery can be performed at most of our clinics and practitioner offices. With the improvement of technology and medicine over recent years, many procedures can be performed without the need for hospitalisation. This means that you are likely to be able to have your operation done at a lower cost and faster, without the need to wait for a hospital bed.

Your doctor will inform you whether there is a possibility for more convenient outpatient surgery.

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4. Anaesthesia

However small or complex the operative procedure, as a patient you will receive some form of anaesthesia. Anaesthesia helps with relief of pain during surgery. 

There are four main types of anaesthesia:

  • Local anaesthesia
  • Regional anaesthesia
  • Monitored anaesthesia care (MAC)
  • General anaesthesia

Before your surgery, you will meet with your anaesthesiologist to discuss your medical history and determine the optimal anaesthetic for your surgery.

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A personalised approach

OT&P’s approach to General Surgery is highly individual, and our surgeons diagnose and treat each case with a method that’s tailored to the patient’s condition, full medical history, as well as any important external factors.

Your physician will guide you through the process, from providing advice on how to prepare for surgery, to performing various tests necessary to eliminate and control any potential risks during and after an operative procedure. Your surgeon will also discuss with you the pain control options to choose the most suitable one for you, based on what has or hasn’t worked for you in the past, as well as any medications you take regularly.

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Putting your recovery at the forefront

Our doctors pay careful attention during your recovery — whether it is at a hospital or at the comfort of your home. For outpatient procedures, our physician will usually schedule a follow-up appointment to check up on the wound, swelling, and identify any signs of complications. If you are unsure about the procedure, we’re happy to walk you through the treatments for common post-surgery complications.

Our Doctors

Providing Internationally Accredited Healthcare

OT&P’s priority is to help individuals to enhance and optimise their health by providing easy access to a wide range of excellent practitioners, information and facilities, supported by management systems and technology that ensure the quality of service and value.

Our clinics and services are built with our patients’ safety and comfort in mind. With eight locations across Central, Repulse Bay and Clearwater Bay, we serve thousands of individuals in Hong Kong monthly from all ages and backgrounds.


Accredited by the Australian Council for Healthcare Standards (ACHS)

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