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Paediatrics & Child Health

We provide comprehensive paediatric services to ensure your child’s healthy development as early as birth to their late teens.

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Quality healthcare for your child and family

Kids are not just small adults, so seeing a regular doctor for their healthcare needs won’t always work. For effective childcare, you’ll want to receive care from a specialised paediatrician, who understands the anatomical and psychological differences in children.

At OT&P, we have a diverse team of paediatricians, midwives, therapists and psychologists, covering a full range of paediatric services dedicated to a child’s needs. These paediatric services specialise in the health, growth and development of babies, children and teenagers — so that your family remains healthy and happy.

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Child-friendly facilities

OT&P’s conveniently-located clinics in Central and Repulse Bay are designed to ensure that children of any age feel comfortable and safe while visiting our paediatricians. This includes games, toys and books for young children in our waiting rooms, as well as state-of-the-art consultation rooms to deliver premium paediatric services.

We cover the following paediatric services, and more!


Paediatric Check-up and Flu vaccination

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Child Psychology & Assessment

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Tailored care every step of the way, from birth to adolescence

As a child grows up, their healthcare needs change. What’s required at one age, may not be needed at another. Therefore, we’ve designed our services to be seamless between ages. 
Starting from birth, our specialists manage and ensure the physical, behavioural and mental aspects of paediatric care – changing our approach and techniques based on each individual child.

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Child development process

As every child is unique, our approach to examination is determined by the age, level of development and understanding of your child. Our support of their growth, health and development includes:



To ensure the health of your little one, our paediatricians can provide support as early as the birth with their first health examination.

We also offer after-birth support in the form of a lactation clinic, jaundice clinic, and home-visits by midwives to assist your transition into parenthood.

Child vaccinations

Child vaccinations

Immunisation are the best way to protect from preventable diseases, especially for little children with weaker immune systems.

Our paediatricians will help your family navigate the HK immunisation schedule, as well as private vaccination options.


Paediatric ENT

Our in-house paediatric ENT doctors monitor the development of the ears, nose and throats in children of all ages. 

Common conditions treated include ear infections, sinus infections, recurring colds and snoring.


Paediatric surgery

If your child is suffering from an injury, disease or condition that requires surgery, it’s best to consult a paediatric surgeon who’ll have specialised experience navigating a child’s anatomy. 

Our paediatric surgeons work carefully to diagnose and alleviate common conditions, including wound repair, abscess drainage, trauma surgery, cleft lip and palate, vascular anomalies and more.


Child dietetics

Ensure your child’s optimum wellbeing, growth and development through proper health and nutrition. Our paediatricians will develop tailored and easy-to-follow nutrition plans to help manage conditions such as obesity, respiratory illness, allergy, malnutrition and metabolic disorders.


Child physiotherapy

Every child develops at their own pace. But as a parent, you might worry about your child hitting these milestones late, or not at all. 

Child physiotherapy is here to support the healthy development of your young one. Whether they’re struggling to crawl, walk or sit — our experts create tailored sessions to address their most essential needs.


Child assessment centre

Understanding how your child behaves and functions will help support their healthy mental development. Our paediatric team has  specially designed assessments to provide critical insights into a child’s current level of abilities, how those specific abilities influence their functioning, and how parents can best support their learning.

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Child psychology & therapy

As your child progresses through different developmental stages, there are many potential challenges they can face. OT&P child psychologists are here to provide additional support to help children navigate through situations constructively. This includes school pressures, home stresses and personal difficulties.

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