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Integrated work wellness solutions provided by OT&P Healthcare professionals to look after your employee’s wellbeing

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What is corporate wellness?

Wellness programs are built to encourage a holistic approach to employee health — providing your businesses with the essential tools to guarantee the mental and physical prosperity of your staff.  

We put a large emphasis on education and training. Corporate wellness programs can be instrumental in educating employees on the importance of creating healthy habits, both mentally and physically. We aim to empower every employee with a new set of skills and knowledge that enables them to help themselves and others maintain a culture of health.

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Our wellness initiative

We recognise that all businesses are different. As such, we work with you in order to develop a program that aligns with your objectives. This could be anything from reducing healthcare costs to mental health coaching for business leaders and management. 

OT&P will work with you to figure out what the main areas of focus need to be before creating and delivering a solution that works for you. A tailored approach is the perfect way to optimise human resource investments and enhance employee welfare.

How does it work?

Our aim is to create a lasting impression on your business, we achieve this through our carefully designed process.



We start with exploring the culture and needs of your business through in-depth meetings with HR and Senior Management. These include anonymous interviews with employees and key staff.



We’ll then use our research to create a series of interactive talks in order to educate all staff on health and wellbeing topics. These can be in the form of talks, workshops or webinars.



Education is then supplemented with interactive training sessions with small groups through workshops or webinars. Our key focus is for staff to recognise potential health & wellness pitfalls, and learn how to manage them.

Key Benefits

Workplace Productivity

Improve Employee
Health Behaviours

Reduce Elevated
Health Risks

Decrease Absenteeism

Corporate Health Solutions

We offer a range of programs to help corporations boost the concentration, work performance & productivity of their employees through health & wellness initiatives.

COVID-19 Testing

We're aware that there's an increasing discussion about COVID-19 testing. In-line with this, Hong Kong has also recently released a blood test to measure antibodies against COVID-19. 

OT&P Healthcare can provide weekly tests in order to allow people to prove they don’t have COVID-19 and are therefore ok to work in the office.

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Employee Mental Health

Our corporate mental health program aims to provide businesses with the essential tools to guarantee the mental welfare of their staff.

Our distinguished mental health counsellors from MindWorX visit your place of work to provide sessions on stress management, burnout, conflict resolution and other issues that may affect your employees.

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Leadership Coaching

Leaders in any business have unique challenges and pressures. They take on numerous roles and responsibilities. Not only are they accountable for business performance but they also have management roles.

Program Aims:

  • Support those in high-pressure roles
  • Coach leaders to go beyond their day to day job and improve how they engage and manage teams 
  • Coach leaders on how to approach specific performance issues

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Employee Vaccinations and Immunisation

OT&P Healthcare offers company flu-shot vaccinations. Vaccinating your employees reduces the risk of them developing influenza and related illnesses, therefore, reducing absenteeism.

You should get a flu vaccine before the flu begins spreading in your community. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies that protect against flu to develop in the body. CDC recommends that people get a flu vaccine by the end of October. Getting vaccinated later can still be beneficial and vaccination should continue to be offered throughout the flu season, even into January or later. 

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Weight Management

Working in a corporate environment can make maintaining a healthy fitness regime and lifestyle difficult, and so, putting on weight becomes inevitable. Therefore, we provide tailored programs to help manage weight. Our clinical approach means we look to install long term weight management routines and solutions for struggling employees. 

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Food as Medicine

There has been a steady rise in chronic illnesses and suboptimal health which is often influenced by our environment and genes as well as our lifestyle and nutrition choices. 

A healthy choice of food through the workday can help optimise personal health, but can also enhance workplace productivity and creativity. Recent studies have shown that many office foods consumed have excess calories and are harmful. 

This program explores why what and how we eat can tip the balance between a state of disease and a state of health; how a healthy workplace promotes healthy workforce and productivity; and how to optimise workplace wellness with office-based strategies and functional food-based solutions. 

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Musculoskeletal Pain Consultation

Back injuries are one of many common injuries in the workplace. Our experienced physiotherapists and doctors help figure out the causes of work-related aches and pains. They can take employees through educational workshops that teach them how to look after their body. This can be in the form of individual or group sessions to help ease pain.

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Talks & Workshops

With over 75 practitioners with numerous areas of interest, OT&P can provide talks and workshops that cover most requirements. Like with our programs, we work with you to ensure the topics we cover are tailored to suit your needs.

Our popular talks and workshops

Physical Health

  • Women's Health
  • Men's Health 
  • Breast Cancer Awareness 
  • Back to School — Winter diseases and Vaccines
  • Lowering Cardiovascular Risk
  • Is Your Heart Good Enough For an Active Lifestyle?
  • Exercise Leads to Happiness Which Leads To Production


  • The Distinction Between a Disease and an Epidemic
  • To Contain or Delay and Mitigate, Which is the Best Strategy? 
  • Is your Child Struggling with Anxiety?
  • How Do We All Get Back To Normal?
  • How Nutrition and Lifestyle Can Improve Immunity Against Viral Infections?
  • Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Techniques During the COVID-19 Outbreak
  • Understanding Stress and Disease Susceptibility 
  • Dealing With the Anxiety Epidemic
  • What Can We Do To Prevent Infection?
  • The Dilemma of Predictions Based upon Data From Early In Epidemics
  • Communicating Risk In An Epidemic
  • How a Virus Spreads: Droplet Infections
  • Why do we Close Schools and How do Public Health Controls Work?

Mental Health

  • Mental Health and Resilience in Face of Changing Corporate Dynamics 
  • The Psychology of Performance Optimisation
  • Mental Negotiation
  • How To Get The Best Out of Your Team
  • Beat Insecurity and Boost Self Love 
  • Setting goals and sticking to them
  • Targets: Carrot or Stick?
  • Exercise Leads to Happiness Which Leads to Production
  • Dealing with Anxiety at Work
  • Coaching Psychology and wellness
  • Reprogram Your Mind For Better Health and Success

Food & Nutrition

  • Healthy Workplace: Nutrition and Productivity
  • What Should I Eat? The Traffic Light System

  • Healthy Food Swaps: Simple Workday Hacks

  • Top 10 Workplace Wellness Tips: OT&P Corporate Solutions

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Providing Internationally Accredited Healthcare

OT&P’s priority is to help individuals to enhance and optimise their health by providing easy access to a wide range of excellent practitioners, information and facilities, supported by management systems and technology that ensure the quality of service and value. 
Our clinics and services are built with our patients’ safety and comfort in mind. With six locations across Central, Repulse Bay and Clearwater Bay, we serve thousands of individuals in Hong Kong monthly from all ages and backgrounds.
Accredited by the Australian Council for Healthcare Standards (ACHS)

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