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Corporate Wellness Programs

Integrated workplace wellness solutions provided by OT&P Healthcare professionals

With everyday stress increasing for employees in Hong Kong, there is a growing need to accommodate their physical and mental wellness. Now more than ever, employees require the necessary tools to deal with the difficulties faced in their everyday lives.

Employers should proactively invest in keeping their employees healthy. Benefits can include reduced absenteeism and churn which would otherwise be costly and disruptive.

An investment in an OT&P corporate program will not only ensure you get a significant short-term impact but also long-term solutions. Every part of our program is tailored to your needs and aims to make immediate changes towards healthier living.

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Our corporate wellness initiative

The aim of an OT&P Corporate Program is to create a solution that engrains a systemic approach to health and wellness in the workplace.

We recognise that all businesses are different, so we develop dynamic programs that align with specific and changing needs. We do so by putting a large emphasis on baselining where our clients are through stakeholder interviews and mental health and wellness surveys.

From there we can determine the best approach to encourage healthy habits in employees. We aim to empower every employee with a new set of skills and knowledge that enables them to help themselves.


Improve the health and wellbeing of corporations, their staff, customers, and other critical stakeholders by improving core health behaviours. These can bring a range of benefits for corporations and employees:

For Organisations:

  • Positive and caring brand image
  • Improved staff morale
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced health care/insurance costs
  • Reduced risk of fines and litigation

For Employee:

  • Safe and healthy work environment
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved morale
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Increased skills for health protection
  • Improved health
  • Improved sense of well-being

How does it work?

Corporate wellness programs are not one-size-fits-all. Therefore, together with our clients, we work to figure out the critical areas of focus before delivering a series of solutions that work. This involves measuring clients against 5 stages of corporate health and wellness, setting a goal for where the client wants to get to, and working together to move the needle forward.

1. Starting a Conversation

There have been discussions around wellness and health but limited prior engagement with employees about wellness.

Ways we can help:

  • Assess and consult
  • Create and deliver program
  • Train and coach staff
  • Medical and psychological aid
2. Developing a Program

There have been initiatives to push forward wellness, with at least one session in the past year for employees.  General guidance is provided about ongoing situations. 

Ways we can help:

  • Assess and consult
  • Create and deliver program
  • Train and coach staff
  • Medical and psychological aid
3. Establishing a Program

Health awareness events are a common occurrence. With some employees starting to receive benefits, but not many fully aware or communicated. 

Ways we can help:

  • Test program
  • Refine program
  • Train and coach staff
  • Medical and psychological aid
establishing program
4. Cultivating a Program

Specially designed programs have been created for various stakeholders in the company. Including for general employees, managers and leaders. 

Ways we can help:

  • Refine program
  • Medical and psychological aid
  • Train and coach staff
  • 121 coaching for leaders and Managers
5. Optimising a Program

There are clear processes and systems set up in place to maintain various wellness programs for general employees, managers and leaders. Spouses and children also were taken into consideration. 

Ways we can help: 

  • Medical and psychological aid
  • 121 coaching for leaders and managers
  • Outsources Chief Medical Officer
  • Outsourced Chief Psychological Officer
  • Future-planning 
  • Ongoing assessments

Corporate Health Packages

We offer a range of programs to help corporations boost the concentration, work performance & productivity of employees through health & wellness initiatives:

Why choose OT&P?

Over 25 years, OT&P has become one of the largest privately-owned group of healthcare clinics in Hong Kong. We are deeply committed to helping our corporate clients support their employees by providing the ideal platform that ensures employees can feel and perform at their best. OT&P has clear frameworks that consider all levels of your business.

OT&P has also been recognised with the Australian Council for Healthcare Standards (ACHS) accreditation since March 2010. The ACHS accreditation is endorsed by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), the body that oversees healthcare standards worldwide, including the USA and UK.

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