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Your Pregnancy at Week 40

This week, your baby is as big as a watermelon.

Explore your pregnancy at Week 40

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The baby is here!

The following information was reviewed by Dr. Chor, Michael

At A Glance


Baby is ready!

Baby Development at 40 Weeks


Baby is ready!

This week, the baby's head should be facing the cervix. The baby's head is the largest part of their body but it is soft so as to provide enough flexibility to squeeze through the birth canal.


Baby is still growing

Believe it or not, around the time of birth, your baby will continue to grow. The later the baby is born, the longer their nails and hair will be.

You Pregnancy Symptoms at Week 40

Waters breaking

Less than 15 percent of pregnant women get amniotic fluid pierced before labor begins, and if you do it in public, it's more likely to be in the form of a slow leak or small eruption. If the amniotic fluid is transfused before the contractions start, you can be sure that labor is likely to begin within 24 hours. If not, your obstetrician will likely assist by inducing labour to prevent infection. 

So how to judge whether the amniotic sac is ruptured? Amniotic fluid is usually colourless and odourless. If the fluid is pale yellow and smells of ammonia, it may just be urine leakage. Another test you can do is to try to stop the flow of fluid by squeezing your pelvic muscles. If the flow stops, it's urine. If not, it's amniotic fluid.

Always call your obstetrician if your amniotic fluid is broken. If it is discoloured or brown fluid this could mean that the baby has a bowel movement (meconium) in the womb so its important to get the baby delivered to mitigate any complications from this. 

False contractions

Your baby is coming to this world soon! As a result, the uterus has more and more Braxton-hicks contractions. As long as you don't cause severe pain and the contractions are regular, it's nothing to worry about. Pregnant women can take a warm bath or change positions to relieve symptoms.

Stretch marks change colour and continue to stretch

As the baby gradually advances to the pelvis, the belly of the pregnant woman is stretched and tightened like a drum. The belly button looks like it has been turned upside down, and the stretch marks will appear bright red or purple. Therefore, don’t forget to apply obstetrician/dermatologist approved moisturiser frequently to soothe stretch marks.

Baby not ready yet?

Don’t worry! About 30% of pregnancies will exceed 40 weeks. Usually your obstetrician will not let the pregnancy period exceed 41 weeks. According to your individual situation it may be recommended to induce birth.

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Advice from OT&P Obstetricians

The due date is finally here! Hope all the moms-to-be are doing well!

If you need postpartum support, our OT&P Annerley midwives provide postpartum support and baby-raising guidance. You may want to start thinking about Paediatricians. They will be pivotal in helping you manage the required vaccine program for your child. 

Tips for 40 Weeks Pregnant

  • Check your "hospital bag" to ensure that you bring enough daily necessities when you give birth and are hospitalised
  • Practice labour breathing and exertion rhythms
  • Deciding whether to breastfeed or formula feed 

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