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Your Pregnancy at Week 32

This week, your baby is as big as a squash.

Explore your pregnancy at Week 32

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8 Weeks to go!

The following information was reviewed by Katherine Cheng

At A Glance


Reduced fetal movement 

The space in the uterus is getting tighter for your growing baby. Movements like kicking may be more noticeable when they happen but the frequency may be reduced. 

The baby is practically fully developed and is ready to come out of the womb very soon. 

The weight of your fetal baby has increased to about 1.8 kg, and the basic development has been completed! 

Baby Development at 32 Weeks


Loss of lanugo, thickening of the skin 

The lanugo which is the soft, fine hair wrapped around your baby continues to fall off, your baby's skin begins to thicken, more subcutaneous fat grows, and the whole body becomes more round. 


The baby's bones are getting stronger

Your baby's bones are getting harder and more calcified.


Reduced activity

Your baby occupies almost all the space in the uterus so kicking and other movements may be reduced.

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Your Pregnancy Symptoms at Week 32

Persistent body swelling, lower back pain 

Mild swelling in the mother's hands, face, legs, ankles or feet can occur as a result of excess fluid.

The weight of the belly plus the weight of the uterus may press on some nerves too which can increase the pain in the lower back. 

More frequent prenatal visits

At 32 weeks, the obstetrician may suggest that you change from a monthly checkup to a fortnightly  checkup, and pay close attention to whether you have signs of inflammation, premature labor or pregnancy toxemia.

Increased abdominal pressure 

As the baby continues to grow, the mother has increased pressure in her abdomen, may need to deal with heartburn more often, and is more likely to feel a little out of breath .

Advice from OT&P Obstetricians

Consider more frequent check-ups

You are advised to undergo antenatal check-ups every 2 weeks. Obstetricians will monitor the condition of the mother and fetus more closely, including signs of inflammation, premature labor, or pregnancy toxemia.

Develop a detailed delivery plan and backup plan

In order to avoid the rushing during labour, you and your significant other can plan to visit the hospital you are delivering and learn about the arrangements from labour to postpartum admission.

Tips for 32 Weeks Pregnant

  • Keep belly moisturized
  • Get enough protein, vitamin C, folic acid, iron and calcium
  • Walking or swimming can reduce back pain, puffiness or leg cramps
  • You are welcome to make an appointment with an OT&P Annerley midwife or obstetrician for regular checks on fetal development and more advice on childbirth arrangements.

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