Nexus Private Maternity Package

    Private pregnancy support for private hospital births.

    Experience the comforts of giving birth at one of Hong Kong’s private hospitals while receiving personalised care from Annerley’s experienced midwives and obstetricians, as well as getting comprehensive classes in preparation for parenthood. In this package, we’ll take care of your hospital booking, prenatal classes, check-ups and tests.

    private hospital pregnancy checkup
    Have your antenatal care shared between your OB and the midwives so you can confidently take care of your baby

    What does this package cover?

    Nexus Private includes consultations and tests for those who wish to have a shared care program with their obstetrician and midwives for their pregnancy. Like our Nexus Public package, you will receive English-language prenatal classes and postnatal home visits from our midwives, who are also available on-call via WhatsApp to answer any questions and provide support.

    Nexus Private

    HK$ 39,000 - 63,000 + Additional private facilities & birth costs

    Note: Packages can be customised and tailored to each pregnancy, please get in contact with us for more information.

    General Information
    • Hospital Type Private
    • Hospital Booking +
    • On-Call Phone Support with Midwives Optional
    • Check-Ups 4 x with Midwives
      6 x with Obstetricians
    • Birth Preparation Course
      Choose from our selection of prenatal courses
      1 x
    • Birth Breathing Class
      Meditation and relaxation exercises for labour and birth
    • 'Giving Birth in a Public Hospital' Workshop
    • Birth Planning Session
    • Pre-eclampsia Screening Optional
    Blood Tests & Scans
    • Pregnancy Profile
    • Ultrasound Scans with Obstetrician 6 x
    • Ultrasound Scans with Midwives Optional
    • 3D Ultrasound with Midwife
    • Down's Syndrome Screening — Panorama/SafeT21/OSCAR
    • Down's Syndrome Screening — Nuchal Fold Measurement
    • Glucose Tolerance Blood Test
    • Bacterial Screen – GroupB Streptococcus Swab
    • Ferritin (Iron)
    • Vitamin D
    • Week-20 Anomaly Scan
    Labour & Delivery
    • Private Obstetrician Additional Cost
    • Private Anaesthetist (If required) Additional Cost
    • Week-6 Obstetrician Check-up & Consultation
    • Home Visits by Midwife
      Breastfeeding assistance & clinical/practical/emotional support
    • Specialist Paediatrician Consultation (baby)
      Up to 6 weeks old

    Payment options & insurance coverage

    Around HK$59,000 is paid (depending on screening blood tests) upon booking the package at around 12 weeks into your pregnancy. This amount is non-refundable except in the sad case of loss.

    Insurance coverage depends on the package and services selected. For more information, please contact us at or +852 2537 7281.

    We are happy to meet with you at our clinic to discuss this care and other options.

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    Appointment Guidelines

    When should I book my package? 

    Expectant parents can get in touch within the first trimester of the pregnancy to enquire about our Nexus packages. Our services can start as early as when you discover you’re pregnant.

    What are the appointments like? 

    During your first appointment, we provide a comprehensive schedule of what to expect in the upcoming weeks, with information about when tests will be conducted and approximate dates of the next sessions. We welcome partners to be involved at every stage and encourage them to come to any of the prenatal appointments and classes.

    Still unsure?

    If you’re unsure which package is right for you, we also provide a free initial consultation to discuss all the available pregnancy options. During which, we can outline each package and suggest the best option to help you access the care that best suits you.

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