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Can I Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Whether to have sex during pregnancy is a question in the mind of many pregnant women. In fact, as long as the pregnant woman and the fetus develop normally and healthy, they can maintain normal sexual behavior during pregnancy. Intimate physical contact can even reduce prenatal depression. When should pregnant women avoid sex during pregnancy? Here are your must-read DO's and DON'Ts for having sex while pregnant.

Should You Avoid Sex During Pregnancy?

Many couples are extra cautious during pregnancy, greatly reducing or even completely avoiding sexual activity, worrying that too much force during sexual activity will harm the fetus. In addition, there are also sayings that they cannot have sex before the 3rd month of pregnancy.

In fact, pregnant women are prone to embryo implantation instability in the first 3 months of pregnancy. In addition, morning sickness and nausea symptoms are often more serious during this stage, and the body is prone to discomfort. Therefore, it may not be suitable for sexual behavior. After 3 months, pregnant women and fetus's development is normal and healthy, and normal sex can be maintained during pregnancy. The situations that are not suitable for sexual behavior during pregnancy include:

  • Previous preterm births, miscarriages, or multiple pregnancies
    Women with a history of miscarriage, premature birth, recurrent miscarriage, or multiple births in the past may be weaker and prone to unstable embryo implantation. It is best to consult an obstetrician and gynecologist during routine checkups and get advice on having sex

  • Have cervical and placental problems
    If the cervix is ​weak or ​incompetent, there is low-lying placenta, episodes of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, or the pregnant woman is at risk of placental abruption, the obstetrician and gynaecologist may suggest temporarily avoiding sex during abruption, the obstetrician and pregnancy.

  • Discomfort during pregnancy sex
    During sexual intercourse while pregnancy, if the woman experiences abdominal pain, discomfort, vaginal bleeding, water breaks, etc., it is abnormal. please stop the sexual intercourse immediately and make an appointment with an obstetrician and gynecologist as soon as possible.

  • 36 weeks of pregnancy
    Vaginal intercourse should be avoided after 36 weeks of pregnancy to prevent premature rupture of membranes

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What Positions Are Recommended For Pregnancy Sex?

If there is no morning sickness in early pregnancy, various sex positions can be adopted until the abdomen bulges in the second trimester. During sex, pressure on the abdomen should be avoided, and the movements should not be too violent. In the late pregnancy, the abdomen swells, and pregnant women may experience back pain and increased pressure in the lower abdomen. At this stage, pregnant women can have sex while lying on their sides to reduce stress. Other ways to satisfy their sexual desires is through non-penetrative sex such as touching, massaging, and caressing. Partners may ultilise fingers or sex toys to this effect.

Safe positions during pregnancy:

  • Early pregnancy (0 to 12 weeks)
    Any normal position, the man should avoid hitting the abdomen too violently
  • Second trimester (13 to 27 weeks)
    Spoon style: both men and women lie on their sides. The man inserts from behind to control the depth without oppressing the abdomen
    Female top and male bottom: Also known as "cowgirl style", the female side faces the man, and the insertion depth is controlled from the top
    Reverse Cowgirl: The woman sits on top but turns her back to the man, controlling the depth of penetration from above.
    Men Entry: Also known as "paparazzi style", the woman kneels on the bed, and the man controls the depth of penetration from behind, a pillow can be placed under the woman's abdomen to reduce pressure

  • Late pregnancy (28 to 40 weeks)
    Kissing and caressing the head and neck, massaging the male genitalia

Due to the weakened immunity and weak resistance of pregnant women during pregnancy, they are more prone to urinary tract infection or vaginal infection. The use of condoms is recommended for partners that may be suffering from undiagnosed or frank sexually transmitted disease or is not in a monogamous relationship. 

Positions and behaviors to avoid:

  • Avoid the "man on woman" missionary position, which tends to suppress blood flow to pregnant women and babies, especially after 20 weeks
  • Avoid any pressure on the abdomen or dangerous movements
  • Do not blow into the vagina, as this may cause an air embolism in the pregnant woman
  • Oral sex for pregnant women to maintain oral hygiene to avoid bacterial infection

If you experience bleeding, water breakage, or discomfort during pregnancy, stop having sex and seek medical attention immediately.


Pregnancy Sex Boosts Happiness For Pregnant Women

Maintaining an active sexual life during pregnancy is good for both the pregnant woman and her husband. Libido in women increases in pregnancy due to the increased hormone secretion and pelvic cavity and vaginal congestion after pregnancy, women often have a great increase in libido. It is very beneficial to relieve pregnancy discomfort and tension:

  • Easy Orgasm
    Increased blood flow to the genitals and increased number of orgasms in pregnant women

  • Stay in Shape
    Sex Burns Calories, Helps Stay Active

  • Maintain Intimacy
    Sexual behavior brings couples closer together, orgasm releases endorphins, which can also help pregnant women and fetuses feel happy and relaxed, and reduce the chance of prenatal depression

  • Strengthen the immune System
    Sexual activity increases IgA antibodies that protect against colds and other infections, study finds


Some pregnant women worry that sexual arousal will cause uterine contraction and affect the fetus, but in fact, if the pregnant woman has no history of premature labor and miscarriage, orgasm will only cause temporary hypoxia to the fetus and will not affect the fetus.

If the fetus is developing normally and healthy, normal sexual behaviour can be maintained during pregnancy. If you have questions about sexual behaviour during pregnancy, consult your family doctor or obstetrician.

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