Practitioner Profile

    Allison Heiliczer

    Psychology & Counselling

    Areas of Interest

    • Couples - pre-marital counselling, marriage, divorce, addiction, and affairs
    • Navigating transitions - changing careers, moving, shifting goals/values
    • Challenges at work and in relationships
    • Corporate coaching 
    • Expat / Cross-cultural challenges


    • MA counselling (Aus)
    • MA cultural studies and management (USA)
    • BSc nutrition (USA)
    • The Gottman Institute: Level 1 &2, Couples and Addiction Recovery, Making Marriages Work, Treating Affairs and Trauma




    Allison Heiliczer is a counsellor and psychotherapist from New York City.

    Allison is passionate about working with both individuals and couples. With individuals, she works with people on challenges related mostly to relationships, work, and identity.

    Allison is also deeply passionate about working with couples. She is committed to understanding the unique language each couple speaks, and her work with couples far extends beyond improving communication – she works towards building a solid team. She has specialty training working with couples deciding whether to marry, how relationships change after having a baby, working through trauma, affairs, and addictions; deciding whether to divorce; and cross-cultural couples.