Practitioner Profile

Rachel Chan Mazariegos

Psychology & Counselling, Psychometric Assessments and Behavioural Therapy

Areas of Interest

  • Traumatic Brain injury
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  • Learning disabilities/difficulties
  • Behavioural difficulties


  • MSc (UK), BSc (UK)
  • ABSNP (US)


English and Cantonese


Rachel Chan Mazariegos is a graduate of Neuropsychology and Psychology with honours from the UK. She is a registered Educational, Attainment and Ability test user with the British Psychological Society. She is also a Diplomate member of the American Board of School Neuropsychology whereby she specialises in providing Neuropsychological assessment on school-aged children. Rachel is one of only two practitioners in Asia with this credential. In addition, Rachel has over 6-year experience as a Behavioural therapist working predominately with Autistic, ADHD, Down syndrome and developmentally delayed children. Prior to returning to Hong Kong, Rachel worked in the Acute Stroke unit with geriatric populations within the NHS in the UK.

Rachel provides comprehensive psycho-educational and neuropsychological assessments on school-aged children covering areas including attention, reading, maths, language, processing speed, problem-solving and IQ. In addition, Rachel also provides intensive behavioural therapy, behavioural intervention and behavioural assessments assessing motivation, compliance and problematic behaviours both at school and at home.

For more information on the psycho-educational assessments, find out here.