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Family Therapy

Helping your family communicate, interact & work together


Improve your family relationships through expert-led family counseling in Hong Kong

Families are an essential support network in our lives. They help us face challenges and provide us with advice, so we don’t feel alone. Strong negative emotions and familial tensions can cause rifts in relationships. Many families choose to attend family therapy, where an expert can help guide and improve interactions between loved-ones as well as address underlying issues.

Family therapy is a way of understanding and addressing the emotional problems and challenges by working with the entire family instead of just the individual. Through family therapy, individual family members work together as one to tap into their existing strengths and resilience, while identifying innovative new and effective ways to respond to difficult situations.

Learn how to grow together in a supportive family environment for better family functioning.

Discover techniques & skills for healthier family connections

Family therapy aims to ease tensions by engaging your entire household in open dialogue for effective communication. Therapy seeks to set healthy boundaries and provide conflict resolution strategies so that everyone can gear towards a more positive interaction with others.

At MindWorX, we partner with families by listening and working together with them as they navigate through various life challenges. We understand that family dynamics are complex and ever-changing, and therefore our family therapists aim to provide families with tools to better understand each other and move forward in healthy, effective ways throughout various issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why family therapy?

Family is powerful — The word family holds so much weight because family can foster a stable foundation and balance, while also being a deep source of trigger and hurt. While many of our problems can stem from our family relationships, many times our strengths and resolutions can be found within the same family bonds.

What types of issues do we address?

We address issues including but not limited to:

  • school difficulties, youth and adolescent challenges
  • marital issues, divorce, separation
  • loss and bereavement
  • cultural challenges, relocation
  • caretaker stress)
  • inter-generation communication
  • familial conflict resolution
  • impact of family dynamics on family members

Who do we work with?

Families that have come to MindWorx include traditional nuclear families, single-parent households, stepfamilies, families with LGBTQ partners, families where children identify with various sexualities. Our families also come from diverse cultural backgrounds, including same and mixed cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. We are committed to recognising the diverse needs of each family, and work to personalise each treatment that is sensitive to the needs of each family.

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