Holistic approach to alignment issues, rehabilitation and stress incontinence

What is OT&P's approach to Physiotherapy?

Our physiotherapists apply a holistic approach to our patients, ensuring that we understand the full picture of your body before providing treatment.

We provide a thorough physical assessment followed by a tailor-made rehabilitation plan to address any current pains and their root causes. Treatment methods can include a diverse range of skilful manual therapy, active rehabilitation exercises, acupuncture, and electrotherapy.

Our specialists are also experienced in helping athletes, ranging from regular weekend warriors to international professionals.

Who should get a Physiotherapy consultation?

Anyone with common pain in the musculoskeletal structure (e.g. neck and back pain, tension headaches, sports injuries, tendinitis, and overuse syndrome) can come to our physiotherapists for an assessment. 

In addition, we're able to treat people with alignment issues, people who need pre and post-operation rehabilitation, and people suffering from stress incontinence.

We also offer specialised consultations and services to help athletes excel in their physical performance. 

Our Practitioners