THRIVE Mental Health Optimisation Program

    Connecting all the components of employee wellness in one program.

    What is THRIVE?

    THRIVE is OT&P's all-encompassing mental health program. This optimisation program utilises the best evidence-based teaching of health, psychology and coaching to help employees feel and perform at their best — equipping your workforce with the tools to prosper while future-proofing your business in a constructive and positive manner.

    THRIVE is based on the core belief that when employees feel their best, they perform at their best.

    How does THRIVE work?

    At the intersection of Lifestyle & Health Management, Psychology and Coaching you'll find THRIVE. The core offering crystallises the most important philosophies from these fields and offers companies a way to upgrade how their employees feel and function.

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    Our expertise in psychology provides businesses with the essential tools to help staff manage their mental health challenges. Our distinguished mental health counsellors from MindWorX visit your place of work to provide bespoke talks and trainings on various topics including resilience, burnout, stress management, sleep etc. 

    Lifestyle & Health Management

    Lifestyle and health management is a modern, evidence-based and cost-effective approach that addresses common underlying lifestyle, socio-behavioural and nutritional causes of an employee's suboptimal health status. This includes looking at employees' current health, any presiding chronic conditions and preventative health measures for the future.


    This can be individual coaching or group coaching and tailored to client's needs. Coaches help the client explore issues, set goals and overcome challenges. Coaches use their ability to empathise with and challenge employees in order to jointly produce creative solutions that encourage efficiency and productivity.

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    Our program can provide assistance in the following areas:



    Enhancing productivity and encouraging emotional well-being by building strong cultures.



    Being physically healthy to maintain a high quality of life.



    Equipping employees with the ability to thrive in the face of difficulty and encouraging mental fortitude.



    Promoting value creation and collaboration through creativity.



    Nurturing a sense of purpose at work to advance positive images of a company.



    Sustaining a competitive advantage and promoting sustainable shifts in the workforce.

    How is THRIVE delivered?

    Assessment Phase

    • Employee Surveys
    • Health Assessments
    • Review Health Plan
    • Evaluate Health Culture
    • Evaluate Organisational Culture

    Delivery Phase

    • Guided interactive talks or Workshops
    • Medical Consults
    • Therapy 
    • 121 Coaching to explore issues, set goals, and overcome challenges through a series of one-on-one conversations


    • Work with HR teams to implement resources that enable self-learning
    • Re-assessment

    Key Benefits

    Increase Workplace Productivity

    Improve Employee Health Behaviours

    Reduce Elevated Health Risks

    Decrease Absenteeism

    THRIVE bespoke education & training topics

    No matter which stage you are in your corporate health journey, our training programs are designed to be flexible and versatile. Whether you are just starting out or need a little extra support during turbulent times, we can help develop a bespoke educational and training program for your company. Examples of programs we have delivered are:

    1. Mental health awareness
    • Introductions to Mental Health for all Employees
    • Mental Health awareness when managing a team
    2. Resilience in the face of changing work and social dynamics
    • Introduction to Resilience
    • Resilience in the face of changing work and social dynamics for employees
    • Resilience in the face of changing work and social dynamics for managers
    3. Lifestyle & health management
    • Optimising performance through sleep and the evidence behind what works
    • Is your gut the key to better physical & mental health?
    • Maintaining fitness and losing weight to improve cardiovascular fitness and brain function

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