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OT&P Health Optimisation Program

Bespoke corporate healthcare solutions in immunisation, medicals, health education and advisory


Optimise your HR investments with OT&P

Wellness programs are built to encourage a holistic approach to employee health by providing businesses with the essential tools to guarantee the mental and physical prosperity of your staff. They are also instrumental in educating employees on the importance of creating healthy habits, both mentally and physically.

A good wellness program has an extensive impact across an entire organisation. It can enable healthcare savings and performance improvements as well as create a strong company culture, engaged employees, and lower employee turnover.

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OT&P Health Optimisation Program - Services

Corporates can choose from our range of services to start building their ideal corporate wellness initiatives.

Pandemic Response and COVID Testing
  • Pandemic Response
    • Making business decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic should be based on fact and reason. OT&P provide data-driven medical advice so that companies can make informed decisions that ensure business continuity and long term resilience.
  • COVID-19 testing
    • Testing can be used as a means of easing anxiety in the workplace. Employees may find comfort in knowing that they and their colleagues have tested negatively to COVID-19.
    • OT&P are able to perform testing both for the virus and for antibodies. We are also flexible and able to adapt to your requirements — with the capability to do mass testing at the workplace, in the clinic or remotely, depending on whether a patient is symptomatic or not.
Vaccination Program
  • Everyone needs vaccines. Immunisation schedules are recommended for infants, children, teenagers, and adults.
  • Vaccinating your employees helps limit the risk of contracting diseases and reduces employee absence due to sickness and doctor visits.
  • Routine and travel vaccination programs are paramount for employees that travel regularly. Different vaccinations are required for different countries. Our doctors can discuss the required vaccinations with you and then prescribe them during a medical consultation.
Bespoke Health Checks

Regular health exams help keep track of employees' health and identify any areas of risk. They significantly increase the chances for the treatment and cure of illnesses. 

When employers provide adequate access to health assessments, it can ensure that any potential illnesses are recognised proactively, and can be treated before they pose any threats to an employee’s health. 

OT&P health checks

  • We provide 4 types of body check-ups
  • We are also able to create bespoke medical checks that align more with your corporate needs
  • Should your company provide medical insurance, we can work with them to create a bespoke medical check-up that will be covered.
Educational Training

Group Training Sessions

  • 15+ people
  • Introduction of tools with practical examples
  • A chance for question and answer with experts

Interactive Workshops

  • Guided interactive session (2-15 people)
  • Interactive sessions include polling, breakout groups and group exercises
  • Tools and coping strategies introduced and trialled with groups
  • Targeted feedback to human resources on how best to support employees 
Health Advisor

Your employees can get increased access and extended time with the doctors whilst your HR team can enjoy bespoke healthcare advice for a flat monthly fee. 

There are no copayments or deductibles to meet, which will encourage employees to see their doctor when needed.

Medical Health Advisor can also be used for:

  • Pandemic response advice
  • Employee relocation vaccination & prescription advice
  • Injury assistance

Importance of health at work

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