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Practitioner Profile

Joey Hunter

Health Coaching
Specialist in Health Coaching

Areas of Interest

  • Female Specific Training and Wellness
  • Pre-and postnatal core conditioning, Female Athletic Training
  • Athletic Functional Training | Mind-Muscle Connection
  • Mobility, Body re-alignment and Rehab
  • Ketogenic adaptive training program for general fitness and athletes
  • Senior fitness, aged 65+


  • Spencer Institute Wellness Coach
  • Schwinn Cycling Silver Coach
  • Level 1 Kettlebell Coach


Cantonese, English, Mandarin


Joey completed her training with National Academy of Sports Medicine and became a certified personal trainer in 2008, her training profile has continued to expand along with her experience in sports industry. Joey is a firm believer in holistic health and Ketogenic lifestyle. Her training approach centers around mobility, functionality and mind-muscle connection that enhances muscle quality and body re-alignment, and as a result, longevity and general well-being. Aside from her professional interests, Joey is also a runner, social tennis player and Pilates advocate.