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What Causes Irregular Period?

Hormonal imbalance and other medical concerns are often the reason behind irregular periods

Irregular periods can have many causes. Some of the reasons involve being in puberty, menopause or hormonal therapy. In these scenarios, teenage girls who are at puberty will commonly have irregular periods as their hormonal axis hasn't fully matured. Additionally, older women who are near menopause or are on hormonal therapy (such as pills, injectables, implants or intrauterine devices) could also have irregular periods due to the fluctuation in their hormones.

However, there are medical conditions or illnesses that may cause irregular periods. Submucosal uterine fibroids, polyps in the uterus and endometriosis can cause prolonged bleeding or irregular bleeding. Ladies with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or premature ovarian insufficiency (early loss of ovarian function) usually have infrequent periods as well. Stress, excessive exercise, rapid changes in weight, certain medications and illnesses, such as thyroid problems could also lead to irregular periods too.

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Dr Katherine Cheng

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