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Is There a Legal Obligation to Report a Positive Lateral Flow Test in HK

All positive rapid tests should ideally be confirmed by PCR testing

Answer: No

At the moment there is a legal obligation to report a positive PCR test. There is currently no obligation to report positive rapid tests or antibody tests. This may change if the tests are used more widely. All positive rapid tests should ideally be confirmed by PCR testing.

As the incidence of Covid increases in communities the value of lateral flow testing increases. In many parts of the world individuals in high-risk occupations or those with symptoms are now used to testing regularly. Many people also get tested before going to social or high-risk situations. Although lateral flow tests are not the most accurate diagnostic tools available they may still be a very effective public health tool. It is unlikely that lateral flow tests will be used widely in Hong Kong while the current strategy of zero covid continues. It remains likely that if and when a larger epidemic takes place, like many other places internationally, Hong Kong will eventually encourage lateral flow tests as a public health tool to reduce and mitigate an evolving epidemic.

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