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Do I Need a Pregnancy Diet Plan?

Certain foods that are rich in vitamins and essential mineral can be particularly beneficial during pregnancy

The majority of regularly-consumed foods are safe to have during pregnancy, and any dietary changes required can usually be managed relatively easily by most. It is essential during pregnancy, as in all stages of life, to maintain a healthy, varied, and balanced diet as well as proper hydration.

Certain foods that are rich in vitamins and essential minerals can be particularly beneficial during pregnancy. For example, it is recommended to increase your iron and folic acid intake by consuming certain foods or taking prenatal vitamins. Iron-rich foods include lean meats, fully cooked eggs, lentils, dried beans, and nuts and seeds. Eating dark green and bright orange fruits and vegetables can increase your intake of folic acid.

You will likely find that you are hungrier than usual. However, there is no need to ‘eat for two’ – it is advised to eat little and often as opposed to just three larger meals a day during pregnancy. 

If you have any specific dietary needs that are affected by the above recommendations or feel that you would like some general information on a pregnancy diet, then it may be worthwhile to meet with a dietitian for advice.

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