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How Do You Run the Pose Method?

The pose method of running involves three elements: the pose, the fall and the pull.

The Pose Method of running is a specialised form of running that involves three elements: the Pose (support phase), the Fall (drive phase), and the Pull (recovery phase). The Pose Method can be performed as such:

  1. The Pose: Set your body up in a gentle S-shaped curve, with your body leaning forward in preparation for the next step. Your shoulders, hips, and ankles should create a vertical line of support.
  2. The Fall: This moves the body forward. Keep your upper body upright and gently shift your weight towards your forefoot when you run. You can fall forward from the hips, which allows for a shift in your centre of mass.
  3. The Pull: Typically, a runner would push forward after their heel strikes the ground. However, with the Pose Method, you must pull your leg up using your hamstring muscles after your heel makes contact with the ground. This is less demanding of energy compared to pushing forward.

Remember to consult your local practitioner before attempting any new form of exercise.

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