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Standard Health Screening Package

Medical screenings for individuals under 30

It can be tempting to put off health tests until you’re older, but there are some things you shouldn’t wait to know. “Silent” conditions from high blood pressure, sexually transmitted diseases or infections may cause serious damage without you realising and affect you later in life. You are never too young to prepare for a healthy future.

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Set the foundations for your long-term health. With advice from practitioners with over 20 years of experience, you can start making informed choices about your well-being today

What does this package cover?

Our Standard Health Screening package covers key health indicators like blood count and sugar, kidney and liver function, and coronary risk profile. We will also look for Hepatitis B, HIV and Syphilis infections. This will let you have a basic overview of your overall health.


An OT&P general practitioner will take time to fully understand your medical history and present lifestyle during the initial 45-minute consultation.

follow up

When test results are available, the results will be explained in detail during a 15-minute follow up where you will receive a comprehensive report and a plan of action to maximise health and wellness.

  • History, Complete Physical Examination & Report
  • ECG
  • Stress Test (Treadmill)
  • Spirometry
  • BMI-Height & Weight
  • Waist Circumference
  • Vision Tests (with clinic nurse)
  • Risk Assessment Score (QRISK Cardiovascular and Stroke Risk)
Blood Profile
  • Complete Blood Count
  • ESR
  • Blood Group
  • Uric Acid level
Kidney and Liver Function Tests
  • Renal Function profile
  • Glomerular Filtration Rate - eGfr
  • Liver Function Tests
  • Ferritin
Cardiovascular Tests
  • Full Cholesterol profile
  • CRP (Sensitive for Heart Disease)
  • Homocysteine
  • TSH
  • Free T3
  • Free T4
  • Glucose
  • HbA1c
Vitamin Levels and Minerals
  • Active Vitamin B12
  • Folate
  • Vitamin D
  • Corrected Calcium & Albumin
Cancer Markers
  • CA19.9
  • PSA
  • CA125
Infection profile
  • Hep A Ab
  • Hep BsAg
  • Hep B Ab
  • Hep C Ab
  • HIV 1 and 2 Abs p24
  • RPR - Syphilis
  • FTA – Syphilis Confirmation
  • Ultrasound: upper abdomen (Liver and GB, Pancreas, Kidneys and Spleen)
  • Urine: Microscopy / culture if required
  • Stool: Microscopy and Parasites
  • Stool: Occult Blood
  • Stool: FOB Plus Helicobacter Antigen
  • Pap Smear

Payment options & insurance coverage

OT&P Healthcare has direct billing arrangements with many international and local insurance companies. We accept many major insurance cards, however, we ask you to check with us to confirm. For more information please enquire through Tel: 2155 9055 or email

Safeguard your future with Better Health

Standard Screening
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Pre-screening guidelines

Before you visit

  • Abstain from eating or drinking for at least 10 hours before your appointment. Plain water is allowed during this time.
  • Collect a specimen kit for your urine and stool tests at any OT&P screening center before your appointment. (You may also collect a kit on the day of your appointment)
  • For ladies: please keep in mind that the urine, stool and Pap smear tests can only be done 5 days before or after your period.

On the day of your visit

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.
  • Wear something comfortable.
  • Do not consume any medication. Regular medications for heart and blood pressure are allowed.
  • Present your identification and insurance documents for registration at the reception.
  • Bring any past medical documents/reports, scans results and medications.
  • Wear your spectacles for vision tests. Contact lenses are not allowed.

After your visit

  • Once results are available, we will schedule a follow-up meeting to review your screening results, where you will receive lifestyle and health recommendations.

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