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Ep 001: Are You Really Listening to Your Children


In this episode, MindWorX's behavioural therapist, Rachel Chan Mazariegos, and child psychologist, Neelam Hiranandani, sits down to talk about how a child's problem can often be misunderstood by parents. They discuss what tools are available to parents who want to communicate more openly with their children and why solving your child's problems for them may create more problems in the future.

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Raising Funds for Mental Health in Children

To help support mental health in children, teams from MindWorX, BodyWorX and our Central GP clinic will be taking part in the Weez Walk. 

Weez Walk was established in 2021 to raise funds and awareness for self-harm and suicide ideation in children. It involves walking and running in teams or as individuals around the perimeter of Hong Kong Island.

All proceeds from Weez Walk 2022 will go to KELY Support Group, and be used fully to develop and deliver preventative mental health programs for young people in Hong Kong. 

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