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OT&P Acquired Annerley Midwives Clinic

In 2017 OT&P Healthcare was pleased to acquire Annerley HK, the leading midwife clinic and provider of midwifery services in Hong Kong. Annerley has since moved into OT&P’s new Family Clinic based on the ground floor of Century Square on D’Aguiliar Street in the heart of Central Hong Kong. This move was done in order to strengthen the OT&P’s OBGYN offering by allowing the Annerley midwives to work in harmonious tandem with the OT&P Obstetricians and Gynecologists.  

The acquisition serves to enhance the circle of care OT&P provide its patients and was the natural progression of an existing working relationship. Annerley and OT&P Healthcare have always had a similar outlook to treating patients. Now as a joint enterprise, OT&P will continue to listen to patient feedback and work towards continuous improvements of quality and availability as well as producing a warm and professional environment.

What Services Are Offered?

Annerley’s skilled team of midwives work wit OT&P Obstetricians and Gynecologists to offer ultrasounds, midwife check-ups, home visits, on-call phone support and private birth planning. They play a pivotal role in all OT&P Prime and Nexus Pregnancy Packages which can be customized and tailored to each pregnancy.

Antenatal education is another unique offering by the Annerley Midwives. Pregnancy is a daunting time for all parents-to-be but antenatal classes can go a long way into quelling any anxieties. Annerley has a number of workshops including; Birth and Breastfeeding Preparation Classes, Prenatal classes and many more. The ideal time for parents to start an antenatal course is between 26-30 weeks but choosing the right courses for you can be difficult. If you aren't sure, why not joint the ‘Just Pregnant’ workshop that can help you make your decisions?

How to Book an Appointment?

Annerley HK is a fully integrated part of OT&P Services, so as an OT&P patient your registration details will not have to be entered again and you can book as normal through the online booking form or calling 21559055.

If you are interested in learning more about classes or personalised pregnancy packages, book a free appointment with our Maternity Package Managers. They can talk you through all our OBGYN services including private birthing options supported by the Annerley team as well as alternatives for patients who choose the public system.

Maternity Care at Annerley

The OT&P Healthcare acquisition of Annerley means OT&P are able to provide the perfect ecosystem for expecting parents to have an easy, informed and comfortable pregnancy and birth. OT&P and Annerley are dedicated to providing the best services to help expecting mothers welcome their babies and providing them peace of mind. The Family Clinic now also boasts 2 full time Pediatricians that can be present at the birth and throughout your baby’s development. This further enhances the wide range of services and the comfort of patients during the prenatal and postnatal stages of pregnancy.

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