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Physiotherapy in Hong Kong: Who Can Benefit and How it Can Help Us

Emerging research and data point to physiotherapy as an effective treatment for chronic pain causes. For instance, physiotherapy treatment has been noted as a successful MRI alternative and drug-free pain relief option for ailments such as tarsal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia. The benefits of physiotherapy have also been found to extend to mental well-being and savings in treatment costs.


The Role of Physiotherapy and Physiotherapists in Hong Kong

Why is this important? The effects of COVID-19 on the general population In Hong Kong have resulted in more people staying indoors and not engaging in routine physical activity, thus causing a significant increase in aggravated muscle pain and other numerous back/mobility issues among the public. In addition, the high number of white-collar occupations in Hong Kong means many workers spend most of their day hunched over a desk, contributing to a rise in poor posture and back issues among the general population.

Bringing Awareness to Physiotherapy in Hong Kong

Many of these issues can be addressed by promoting physiotherapy in Hong Kong. The public can experience reduced stress and costs from treating injuries before they require extensive surgery or intensive medical care. A better understanding of what harms our body’s long-term health can also help provide the opportunity to rethink our current practises and how we can readjust our lifestyle to facilitate a healthier way of living for our bodies.


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Topics: Long COVID, Physiotherapy

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