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Buying Health Insurance in Hong Kong

Why Buy Health Insurance in Hong Kong?

Health insurance offers financial protection and peace of mind. Having a robust health insurance policy ensures that you and your family can access high-quality medical care without incurring substantial out-of-pocket expenses.

What Does Health Insurance Cover?

Health insurance policies offer a range of cover, which typically include medical expenses for inpatient treatment. Outpatient services such as visits to primary healthcare providers, annual health check-ups, and prescribed medications can also be part of the coverage. Certain policies may also extend to include additional benefits such as dental and maternity care.

Choosing the Right Medical Cover

Selecting the right medical insurance in Hong Kong can seem daunting, given the multitude of options available. It's crucial to choose a plan that aligns with your financial capabilities and adequately covers your healthcare needs. 

For further information about private health coverage, you could speak to Better Health on +852 2110 4707 or email them at Better Health, is affiliated with OT&P Healthcare and specialises in corporate and individual medical insurance. 

“Using Better Health for my Health Insurance was a great decision, I highly recommend them” SB – CEO Supply Chain Digital Platform

Public versus Private Healthcare in Hong Kong

Hong Kong prides itself on having one of the most efficient healthcare systems in Asia, comprising both public and private sectors. The public sector, overseen by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, contains an extensive network of hospitals, specialist outpatient clinics, and general outpatient clinics.

One major contrast between the public and private healthcare sectors is the waiting times. The public sector, despite being heavily subsidized by the government, often has longer waiting times due to high demand. Hong Kong's private healthcare sector offers several distinct advantages, each providing significant benefits to patients:

  • Shorter Wait Times: One of the prominent advantages of private healthcare is the reduced waiting times for appointments and procedures. Unlike the public sector, where high demand can lead to extended wait times, private healthcare can often offer immediate or near-immediate appointments and procedures.
  • Access to Specialists: Private healthcare providers typically offer a wide range of specialists. This allows patients to seek expert care for specific health conditions without the long waiting times associated with specialist consultations in the public sector.
  • Personalised Care: Private healthcare often offers a more individualised approach to treatment. Patients can expect more face-to-face time with doctors, personalised treatment plans, and a healthcare team that's familiar with their unique medical history.
  • Comfort and Privacy: Private hospitals and clinics often provide a higher level of comfort and privacy compared to their public counterparts. This includes private rooms, better food, and other amenities that can make a hospital stay more comfortable.
  • Choice of Doctor: In private healthcare, patients typically have the freedom to choose their preferred doctor or specialist providing support and building a trusting relationship.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that you can access immediate high-quality healthcare whenever necessary provides significant peace of mind. This is particularly important in case of emergencies, severe illnesses, or specialised treatments.

Given the lengthy waiting times, many Hong Kong residents are increasingly choosing to buy private health cover, which ensures they receive timely medical care and provides peace of mind.

Top-Up Insurance

Many employers in Hong Kong provide health insurance for their staff. Whilst this is good to have, it is quite common for individuals to find the level of coverage is significantly less than needed for hospital treatment, unfortunately this discovery can occur at the time when they need the treatment and it is too late to address the shortfall. 

Topping up insurance is common in Hong Kong and enhances your existing coverage, ensuring comprehensive protection whether you need hospitalisation or routine care. Importantly, top-up insurance can function independently of your employer-provided policy, continuing your coverage even if you change jobs.

It is always recommended that individuals review the level of their work health insurance, whether they top it up or not.

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Better Health Insurance

Better Health Insurance

At OT&P we are proud to have an affiliation with Better Health, an organisation that provides reliable information and support for private medical insurance in Hong Kong. For further assistance and inquiries, please contact Better Health directly.



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