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“For Better Health Outcomes”

 Functional Medicine is a systems-based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Modern medicine mostly uses pharmaceuticals to treat a diagnosed illness while Functional Medicine looks for the causes of illness and aims to correct those causes. Examples would be allergies and intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle factors and environmental exposures. The approach is patient-centered and leads to an individual treatment program for better health outcomes

 At OT&P we have 20 years experience using Functional Medicine to treat all age groups. For children, we aim to help each child reach their full developmental potential through optimization of diet, nutrition and metabolic functioning for better development, cognition and attention. There are many adult diseases that can be helped by a Functional Medicine approach, these include allergies, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, hormone imbalances (including HRT), memory problems and cancer

 Much of the testing for Functional Medicine is carried out at overseas labs and OT&P has years of experience sending samples to the best labs in Europe, the USA and Australia. This testing looks for allergies and intolerances, nutrition, environmental toxins, gut health and hormonal balance. We always use anaesthetic cream to ensure that children do not feel any discomfort when a blood sample is taken

 A Functional Medicine practitioner will often use nutritional supplements as part of the treatment plan and as the only internationally accredited medical group in Hong Kong OT&P can ensure access to the best supplements. These supplements may be given as transdermal creams, orally or sometimes intravenously

 Our Functional Medicine practitioners, Dr Tim Trodd and Dr Simon Lam are based at our Wanchai and Clearwater Bay Clinics. If you would like to make an appointment to consult an FM Practitioner for better health or need more information please contact Doctor assistant Ms Jenny Wang email phone +852 2180 2713. 


Our visiting cardiologist in our Central Specialist clinic has extensive experience in general clinical cardiology with a special interest in Coronary Artery Disease and Balloon Angioplasty procedures.


All the clinics have an experienced nurse in attendance during office hours. They can give you telephone advice if your doctor is not available and give you any test results. They can also carry out routine blood tests and vaccinations and travel advice without you having to see your doctor.


Doctors of our practice have admission privileges to many of the private hospitals in Hong Kong including the Matilda International, Hong Kong Adventist, Canossa Hospitals, Central and St Theresa’s. Referral to Government Hospitals can be arranged.


Our GP’s can give advice on vaccines needed and health risks associated with travel. If you have any queries regarding travel health, please contact your doctor or the clinic nurse.


CPR Classes, first aid classes and ante-natal classes are run in our Wanchai clinic. There is a large library of patient information and handouts available at all the clinics.


OT&P provide routine health checks and medical examinations, these include Executive Medical Examinations and Well Women checks. 

Click here for more information: New Medical Examination Packages


Our visiting psychiatrist in our Central clinic deals with patients needing mental healthcare especially patients having Pre-/Postnatal mental health problems and Child and Adolescent mental health problems needing medications.


We have a Medical Oncologist visiting our Central Specialist clinic to give patients oncological consultation, and discuss targeted therapy. She specializes in Chemotherapy, Hormonal therapy, and Palliative care.


Our visiting Ophthalmologist in our Central Specialist specializes in treating patients needing Femtosecond laser refractive cataract surgery and Glaucoma examination and treatment (including lasers and surgeries).


We have a an Orthopaedics Specialist in our Central Specialist clinic available for specialist consults, who has professional interest in General Orthopaedics, Sports injuries, Orthopaedic Trauma and Fractures, Spine Surgery and Knee and Hip Replacement.


We have a Gastroenterologist Specialist in our Central Specialist clinic available for specialist consults, who has over 20 years’ experience in managing various complicated medical conditions, especially GI and liver diseases including hepatitis B and C.


We have visiting a Dermatologist at our Central Specialist clinic who sees dermatology cases and  can perform cosmetic treatments including botox, fillers and chemical peels.


We have a visiting General surgeon, Plastic surgeon and Pediatric surgeon at the Central Specialist clinic. We have minor surgery facilities within the clinic and our surgeons have admission privileges at many of the private hospitals for inpatient care.


Our Obstetricians and Gynaecologists are based at Central and Wanchai clinics. Ultrasounds are available in both clinics.


A Family Practitioner (GP) is available during office hours in four of our clinics and, if necessary, can carry out home visits. We are happy to act as your advocates for health care matters. If you would like to discuss any health care issues or need any specialist procedures or admissions to hospital explained, please contact your Family Practitioner.