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    Comprehensive plastic surgery centre in Hong Kong for reconstructive and cosmetic procedures with expert plastic surgeons

    Our approach to aesthetic medicine & plastic surgery

    Trusting strangers with your appearance can be worrying, which is why you should get the best care possible. Together, our team of highly qualified plastic surgeons provide over 12 years of experience in plastic surgery in Hong Kong. We can help you to achieve the result that you desire, whilst ensuring that whichever procedure you elect, you know you’re in good hands with access to the best professional advice and care.

    At OT&P, our surgeons are specialised and internationally trained in all areas of aesthetic procedures, ranging from noninvasive (e.g. lasers) to minimally invasive (toxin, fillers) to invasive (reconstructive) surgeries. We perform many common procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks and fillers in Hong Kong. 

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    Our Specialities

    Facial Trauma

    Facial Trauma

    Skin Cancer Treatment

    Skin Cancer Treatment

    Breast-related Surgeries

    Breast-related Surgeries

    Scar Management & Wound Care

    Scar Management & Wound Care

    Body Contouring

    Body Contouring

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    Procedures for Medical Indications

    Our certified plastic surgeons are known for delivering results that meet the clients expectations in their face, breasts and body. Browse our comprehensive range of procedures below:

    Face procedures

    This is a nonexhaustive list of indications that can improve your function, such as breathing, talking/pronunciation from congenital disorders or as a part of your recovery post-accident:

    • Head and neck cancer reconstruction
    • Cleft lip repair
    • Facial trauma and fractures


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    Body procedures

    Tailored to help optimise your body’s appearance and functionality, our services include:

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    Breast procedures

    In facing treatment of breast diseases, we are here to help you feel comfortable with your body even after a breast operation. Our surgeons are skilled and trained in the areas of reconstruction of your breast with the following procedures:

    • Breast cancer reconstruction
    • Areola reconstruction
    • Nipple reconstruction

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    Other procedures

    Other than using plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine for external treatments, our doctors can also use these techniques to assist with other health matters, including:

    • Excessive sweating (e.g. sweaty palms and armpits)
    • Jaw pain treatment (e.g. excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching)
    • Migraines


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    Procedures for Cosmetic Purposes

    Non-Invasive Procedures

    Our team of doctors provide confidential and tailor-made treatments to work on your areas of concern. Our patients come from a variety of age groups and backgrounds. If you are keen but not familiar with the world of cosmetic treatments, many consider non-invasive procedures first. Our clinic offers the following services, all performed by certified doctors:

    • Wrinkle treatment (e.g. remove crows feet)
    • Face slimming (e.g. more prominent jaw line)
    • Slimming of other large muscle groups (e.g more slender back and calves)

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    • Wrinkle treatment (e.g. erase fine lines)
    • Tear trough treatment (e.g. reduce eye bags)
    • Facial contouring (e.g. enhance cheeks)
    • Nasal contouring (e.g. taller nose bridge)
    • Lip augmentation (e.g. fuller lips)

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    Cosmetic lasers
    • Scar treatment (e.g. reduce acne scars )
    • Skin lesions removal (e.g. remove unwanted warts and moles)
    • Pigmentation (e.g. reduce dark spots)
    • Tattoos removal (e.g remove unwanted tattoos)

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    • Skin sagging (e.g. skin tightening over the face and neck)

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    Semi-Invasive to Invasive Procedures

    Improve your physical appearance and look younger with our semi-invasive to invasive aesthetic procedures. Provided in-house by our team of internationally trained surgeons with state-of-the-art equipment — your aesthetic treatment will not only be effective, but safe and personalised. Our treatments and services include:

    Face procedures
    • Eyelid surgeries (double eyelids, droopy eyelid, ptosis correction surgery, canthoplasty)
    • Nose surgeries (crooked, taller nasal bridge/augmentation, alar reduction, nasal hump reduction)
    • Brow/ forehead lift
    • Face lift surgeries
    • Neck lift surgeries
    • Chin augmentation/ reduction

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    Body procedures
    • Breast (augmentation, reduction with fat graft/implant & reconstruction)
    • Areola and nipple surgeries
    • Liposuction (tummy tuck, chin) surgeries
    • Fat transfer/fat transplantation
    • Arm lift, thigh lift & lower body lift

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    Providing Internationally Accredited Healthcare

    OT&P’s priority is to help individuals to enhance and optimise their health by providing easy access to a wide range of excellent practitioners, information and facilities, supported by management systems and technology that ensure the quality of service and value. 
    Our clinics and services are built with our patients’ safety and comfort in mind. With eight locations across Central, Repulse Bay and Clearwater Bay, we serve thousands of individuals in Hong Kong monthly from all ages and backgrounds.
    achs healthcare standards
    Accredited by the Australian Council for Healthcare Standards (ACHS)

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    For patients undergoing reconstructive surgeries, OT&P Healthcare has direct billing arrangements with many international and local insurance companies. We accept many major insurance cards; however, we ask you to check with us for confirmation.

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