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Supporting Your Vision with Expert Ophthalmology Care

At OT&P Hong Kong, our Ophthalmology service is dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing your vision. Our expert ophthalmologists in Hong Kong offer personalised care, addressing various eye conditions with preventative measures and advanced treatment options. We provide comprehensive eye examinations, cutting-edge surgical procedures, and a patient-centred approach to improve eye health and vision quality.

Our Eye Care Specialist’s Expertise

Our ophthalmology clinic in Hong Kong focuses on holistic care to protect your vision and prevent eye conditions through early diagnosis and tailored treatments. As a clinic, we offer the following eye care services:

Our expertise in ophthalmology allows us to identify and address the root causes of eye conditions like lazy eye, squint, dry eye syndrome, and glaucoma.

At OT&P, we offer comprehensive care that treats and prevents future eye health issues. We strive to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear, empowering you to experience life with the best possible sight.

General / Annual eye tests & refraction examinations for adults
Paediatric Eye Exam
Cataract assessment & surgery
Refractive surgeries (SMILE / LASIK / ICL implantation / presbyopia correction)
Glaucoma investigations (OCT, visual field, IOP measurements)
Glaucoma medical & laser therapies
Glaucoma filtration surgeries & minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries (MIGS)
Dry eye tests & treatments, including intense pulsed light (IPL)
Floaters examinations and treatments
Retinal and macula diseases treatments & surgeries
Diabetic eye screening & treatments
Cornea & corneal surface diseases tests and therapies
Paediatric myopia progression tests and treatments
Amblyopia & squint treatments
Eyelid & lacrimal surgeries

Safeguarding Your Child's Vision in HK

At OT&P, we emphasise the importance of early and regular eye examinations for children in Hong Kong. These eye checks are crucial for detecting conditions like astigmatism, hyperopia or myopia in children, which affect a child's development, learning, and overall quality of life.

Focusing on preventive care and early treatment ensures that potential vision problems are addressed promptly. Our approach supports a child's ability to engage with the world around them and emphasises the significance of maintaining good eye health from a young age.


The Importance of Eye Care

At OT&P, we underline the significance of eye care, highlighting the critical nature of regular eye examinations, early detection of conditions, and understanding the influence of eye health on overall well-being.

Routine eye check-ups are essential in identifying potential issues like retinal diseases and cataracts before they escalate, given that many eye conditions progress unnoticed. Detecting problems early on can lead to more effective treatments, significantly enhancing the chances of preserving vision.

Eye health is also intricately linked to general health, mirroring diabetes or hypertension. We advocate for your visual health and comprehensive well-being by giving precedence to eye care in Hong Kong.


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