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Peer Support Programs

MindWorX: Your Leading Partners for Peer Support Programs

At OT&P Healthcare, we are redefining corporate wellness through our innovative Peer Support Program (PSP), an integral addition to our Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). This program is uniquely designed to empower employees to mutually support each other in times of personal and professional challenges, cultivating an environment of empathy and resilience within the workplace.

Our professionals at OT&P are a multidisciplinary team that covers programs focused on empathy development, crisis intervention techniques, and more.

Peer Support Program (PSP)

Redefine Corporate Wellness Through Employee Assistance Programs

Our Peer Support Program consists of 10 workshops designed to foster a supportive work environment and to lower absenteeism rates and turnover. 

Our comprehensive PSP training program consists of the following workshops:

By incorporating OT&P’s Peer Support Program into our existing Employee Assistance Programs, we can create a strong, yet effective support system for your employees. Our PSP training program ensures that your employees are healthier and more engaged, leading to a more productive workforce.

The Benefits of OT&P’s Peer Support Program 

Improved Employee Mental Health

With OT&P’s Peer Support Program, our goal is to proactively enhance the mental well-being of your workforce. By offering immediate, empathetic support, we aim to mitigate the impact of stress and mental health challenges. 

Our trained Peer Support professionals play a crucial role in early intervention, helping to identify and address concerns before they escalate. This approach fosters a culture of openness and support around mental health, and also contributes to enhanced resilience and productivity among employees.

Improved Employee Mental Health
Resiliency Building

Resiliency Building

Our Peer Support Program at OT&P is designed to assist employees in times of need, and also to empower them with effective coping strategies and resilience. By nurturing these skills, we contribute to creating a workplace culture that prioritises wellness and resilience. This approach ensures your organisation is better equipped to handle professional and personal challenges, fostering a more supportive and health-focused work environment.

Increased Employee Engagement

By nurturing a supportive work environment through our Peer Support Program, we at OT&P are dedicated to enhancing employee engagement and productivity. Our focus on peer-to-peer support strengthens team bonds and creates a foundation for a more motivated and efficient workforce, positively impacting overall workplace dynamics.

Increased Employee Engagement
John Corbett

Meet the Trainer

John Corbett

John Corbett is an Australian Psychologist with over thirty-five years of experience in mental and community health. John sees patients across the lifespan: children, adolescents, adults and couples. He has worked for community mental health teams, acute psychiatric units, emergency departments and in private practice. John is immediately available and has no waiting list. John also has expertise in medico-legal issues and is an Australian lawyer(admitted in the Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia).

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MindWorX Corporate Mental Health

Corporate Mental Health

At OT&P, we recognise that well-being and performance go hand in hand. Our corporate programme aims to provide businesses with the essential tools to guarantee the mental and physical welfare of their staff. We do so by putting a large emphasis on baselining where our clients are through stakeholder interviews and mental health and wellness surveys. We can then create a tailored solution for your staff, empowering them with the knowledge and best practices to protect their own mental health and encourage healthy habits.

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