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Fucidin Cream

Fucidin Cream is a topical antibiotic medication containing fusidic acid, an antibiotic which is effective against Staphylococcus bacteria, a common cause of skin infections.

Last Modified: 16 May 2024

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What is Fucidin Cream? 

Fucidin Cream is a topical antibiotic medication containing fusidic acid, an antibiotic which is effective against Staphylococcus bacteria, a common cause of skin infections. 

Fusidic acid, the active ingredient in Fucidin Cream, is produced through fermentation by the fungus Fusidium coccineum and then formulated into a cream base for topical application. 

Global Name

Generic name:  Fusidic acid cream 
Brand names: Fucibet, Fusiwal, Fudic, Fucicort


What is Fucidin Cream used for? 

Fucidin Cream is used to treat skin infections caused by Gram-positive bacteria, such as impetigo, folliculitis, and infected dermatitis. 

How do you use Fucidin Cream? 


Fucidin Cream is available as a topical cream for application to the skin. 

Dosage information: 

  • Apply a small amount to the affected area 2 to 3 times daily, usually for 7 days (or as directed by a healthcare provider). 
  • A dressing can be applied over the treated area if needed. 


  • Children: Suitable when prescribed by a healthcare provider. 
  • Adults: Suitable for adults. 
  • Elderlies: Suitable for elderly patients. 
  • Pregnancy and Lactation: Consult a healthcare provider before use during pregnancy or lactation. 

Is there anyone who can’t take Fucidin Cream? 

  • People with known hypersensitivity to fusidic acid or any component of the cream should not use Fucidin Cream.

Any warnings and precautions : 

Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes (a separate ophthalmic (eye) drop solution is available). Do not use on fungal or viral skin infections. 

Minimal systemic absorption means interactions are rare; however, caution should be used when applying to large areas or over long periods, which might increase systemic exposure. 

Side Effects

Common side effects may include skin irritation, redness, and rash at the site of application. 


Pharmacist Tips

  • Proper Application: Wash your hands before and after applying the cream. Apply a thin layer to cover the affected area and surrounding skin. 
  • Duration of Treatment: Do not use for longer than prescribed to avoid resistance development. 
  • Avoid Sharing: Do not share your cream with others, even if they have similar symptoms, to prevent the spread of infection. 
  • Monitoring: If the infection does not improve within a few days, or if it worsens, seek medical advice. 
  • Storage Information: Store the cream at room temperature, away from heat and direct light. 
  • Handling Instructions: Do not use the cream if the seal is broken upon purchase. Dispose of any remaining cream 3 months after first opening. 


Where is Fucidin Cream available in Hong Kong?

Fucidin Cream is a prescription medication that can be prescribed by healthcare providers and bought in pharmacies. 


Can Fucidin Cream be used for acne?

It is not typically used for acne unless the acne is infected with susceptible bacteria. 

Is Fucidin Cream an over-the-counter product?

In some countries, Fucidin Cream requires a prescription; in others, it may be available over the counter. 

Can Fucidin Cream be used for burns?

It is not recommended for the initial treatment of burns  but may be prescribed by a doctor for a secondary bacterial infection subsequently.


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