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Supporting LGBTQ+ Healthcare

Creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ to seek out their healthcare needs

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Taking steps to improve awareness

Navigating your healthcare can be difficult for a person that identifies as LGBTQ+. Identifying as an LGBTQ+ person has an impact on one’s lifestyle and as a result, it can have a large impact on how your health should be managed. At OT&P Healthcare, our practitioners and staff are aware of this changing landscape in medicine and are working to understand the difficulties.

These difficulties often involve finding a clinic that you can trust and we aim to help our patients navigate this landscape safely and comfortably.

Walking the talk for LGBTQ+ community in Hong Kong

It is important that we are able to provide the best healthcare without discrimination and judgment. We are constantly working to improve the narrative for the LGBTQ+ population in the healthcare industry by working with the following organisations.

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Hong Kong LGBT
Medical Society

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Hong Kong
Pride March

Practitioners and staff that support your rights to health

OT&P has consistently worked with LGBTQ+ supportive movements and organisations, including collaborating with Goldman Sachs' LGBTQ+ Pink Day for Corporate Awareness and AIDS Concern's Dr Rainbow Scheme to support marginalised LGBTQ+ communities in their healthcare.

Meet Our Practitioners

What are we doing to improve our services to LGBTQ+ patients?

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Inclusivity Training

Our practitioners and frontline staff are invited to internal workshops to learn about navigating LGBTQ+ issues so they can be informed about the different issues that people can face. Some of the recent workshop topics covered recently include transgenderism and gender neutrality.

Gender Neutral Foundation

Creating Foundation for Gender-Neutral Care

Our clinic not only respects the gender-neutral pronouns, but we also have gender-neutral bathrooms and facilities to make sure that our patients’ identities are acknowledged and respected.

Patient Confidentiality

Complete Patient & Doctor Confidentiality

Your personal safety matters to us. Your confidentiality matters and information is never shared unless you are comfortable with the person involved or if your own well-being is at severe risk. Your privacy, identity and health are safe with us.

Services We Provide


Mental Wellness with MindWorX:

General Health:

  • Navigating couple & family relationships for people of different LGBTQ+ identities
  • Tackling gender and sexual dysphoria and identity crisis
  • Medical examination to help identify specific increased cancer risk for Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer and Testicular Cancer
  • Hormone health assistance
  • Vaccinations


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Sexual Health

  • Navigate reproductive health concerns that still exist among agender and transgender people

  • Assist with HIV and PrEP


Other OT&P Services

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