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Why Do Adults Have ADHD?

ADHD can continue in adults who failed to treat or notice symptoms of ADHD when young.

In many cases, once children enter their teens or young adulthood, the symptoms of ADHD resolve as their brain further matures and develops. 

However, some adults continue to have ADHD if the symptoms are not entirely under control since childhood. Or in other cases, a person may already exhibit ADHD symptoms when young but has failed to notice the symptoms or has not received any treatment. 

Alternatively, some children may have shown ADHD symptoms in their childhood but have devised ways to cope with the symptoms. Once these children reach adulthood, they may no longer be able to cope with everyday demands and control the symptoms with their old methods. 

The symptoms of ADHD in adults are largely similar to those of a child, such as finding it difficult to focus and prioritise, often missing deadlines, forgetting meetings and social plans. 

If you’re worried that you have ADHD, click here for a quick self-assessment!

Information provided by:

Dr Keith Hariman headshot

Dr Keith Hariman

Specialist in Psychiatry, OT&P Healthcare

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