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What is pharyngitis?

The medical term used to describe inflammation of the pharynx.

Pharyngitis(咽喉炎) is the medical term used to describe inflammation of the pharynx, which is the back of the throat. It is commonly referred to as a sore throat. Various factors, including viral or bacterial infections, allergies, irritants, or excessive voice strain, can cause pharyngitis. 


Pharyngitis treatment 

Treatment for pharyngitis depends on the underlying cause. If a viral infection causes it, treatment focuses on relieving symptoms and promoting rest and hydration. Over-the-counter pain relievers, throat lozenges, and warm saltwater gargles can help alleviate discomfort. In the case of bacterial infections like strep throat, antibiotics are usually prescribed to eliminate the bacteria. 


Symptoms of pharyngitis 

Common symptoms of pharyngitis include: 

  • Sore, scratchy, or irritated throat 
  • Pain or difficulty while swallowing 
  • Redness and swelling in the back of the throat 
  • Swollen tonsils 
  • Hoarse voice or loss of voice 
  • Coughing 
  • Mild fever 
  • Fatigue or general malaise 


Causes of pharyngitis  

The most common cause of pharyngitis: 

-Viral infection: such as the common cold or flu. These typically resolve independently within a week, with rest and symptom management 

-Bacterial infections: particularly Streptococcus bacteria (strep throat), can also cause pharyngitis and may require antibiotic treatment 

If you experience persistent or severe symptoms, have difficulty breathing or swallowing, or if your symptoms worsen over time, it's essential to seek medical attention. A doctor can evaluate your symptoms, perform any necessary tests, and provide appropriate treatment options based on the underlying cause of your pharyngitis. 

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