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How Is Depression Treated?

A mix of medications and talking therapy.

Treatment of depression usually involves a mix of medications and talking therapy (psychotherapy). You can talk to a family doctor, a psychiatrist, or a psychologist to get a mental health consultation. 

Antidepressants can lead to noticeable improvements within two to four weeks in most cases, and patients should continue to take these medications for six months or more. In some cases, doctors may also prescribe medications to soothe anxiety symptoms or help one go to sleep. Antidepressants are beneficial when a patient feels suicidal, experiences psychotic symptoms, or if a patient has found antidepressants helpful in the past.

Psychotherapy is the term for psychological treatments. The most common types of psychotherapy used in depression are cognitive behavioural therapy and interpersonal therapy. Both therapies aim to help patients change the way they think, identify the automatic negative thoughts that might arise, and suggest alternate ways of thinking. They will also help patients to learn ways to interact with their friends and family. 

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Dr Keith Hariman headshot

Dr Keith Hariman

Specialist in Psychiatry, OT&P Healthcare

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