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How Is ADHD Diagnosed?

ADHD can be diagnosed through a clinical interview.

ADHD diagnosis consists of a clinical interview with a child and his/her immediate guardians, including family members and teachers. 

During the interview, a clinician will enquire about the child's symptoms across two or more settings as per the diagnostic guidelines. The clinician may also observe the child's behaviour for evidence of hyperactivity or inattention. Parents and teachers are sometimes asked to fill in specific questionnaires to aid history taking. ADHD is a clinical diagnosis. There are no objective blood tests or radiological examinations to definitively support an ADHD diagnosis. For adults with possible ADHD, having someone that can provide collateral information on the symptoms during childhood will be helpful. 

If you’re worried that your child shows symptoms of ADHD, click here for a quick assessment!

Information provided by:

Dr Keith Hariman headshot

Dr Keith Hariman

Specialist in Psychiatry, OT&P Healthcare

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