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Covid-19 Services

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Covid-19 Services at OT&P Healthcare

OT&P have been providing public health information throughout the pandemic. Our health information web pages have received more than 5 million views since the pandemic began.

Our clinics have been open and fully functional throughout and we will continue to provide holistic care focussed on physical, psychological and social well-being to all of our patients.

Information on some of our services specifically focused on Covid-19 can be found below.

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OT&P Approach To Covid-19

Building Immunity

OT&P continues to advise its patients to vaccinate against Covid-19. In the coming days, we will be able to offer the Pfizer-BioNTech Bivalent COVID-19 Vaccine to all patients including non-residents. 

Immunity can also be enhanced by dietary and lifestyle changes. OT&P has specialised packages to help you to build and maintain immunity.

We can also provide assistance to travellers that need supervised RAT or PCR Tests in our Central clinics for those that are in need. All OT&P tests are fully accredited for international travel.

Treatment of Covid-19

Covid-19 can lead to some uncomfortable symptoms, especially for high risk patients. It is advised to speak to your doctor if you have covid to ensure these symptoms are mitigated and managed appropriately. OT&P is able to prescribe Paxlovid which is prescribed free of charge via the Hong Kong Government depending on age, risk criteria and clinical need. This currently includes anyone 60 years of age or older and those under 60 years at high risk or with clinical need. 

Travel Testing for Covid-19

Many countries now require a negative monitored RAT test or a PCR test before travelling. To assist our patients that are looking to travel during the Chinese New Year, we have compiled a list of countries that currently have testing requirements for Mainland China and Hong Kong.

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Our Covid-19 Services