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Cocillana Syrup

Cocillana Syrup is a cough suppressant formulated to ease symptoms associated with persistent coughs.

Last Modified: 31 May 2024

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What is Cocillana Syrup?

Cocillana Syrup is a cough suppressant formulated to ease symptoms associated with persistent coughs. It contains a mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients, including cocillana bark extract, which is known for its expectorant properties, helping to loosen mucus and make coughs more productive. Other plant extracts in the mixture include euphorbia, senega and squill liquid extracts. 

The syrup may also contain additional ingredients such as codeine, guaifenesin, or ethylmorphine, depending on the formulation, to enhance its cough-suppressing abilities. 

Global Name

Generic name:  Codeine, Guaifenesin, or Ethylmorphine
Brand names: Advance Pharmaceutical, Jean Marie


What is Cocillana Syrup used for? 

Cocillana Syrup is primarily used to treat: 

  • Persistent coughs 
  • Bronchial irritation 
  • Conditions where coughing is a significant symptom 

How do you use Cocillana Syrup? 


Cocillana Syrup is available as a liquid cough syrup. 

Dosage information: 

  • The dosage depends on the specific product formulation and the patient's age and condition. 
  • It is usually taken several times a day, with or without food, as directed by a healthcare provider. 


  • Children: Not recommended for young children due to the potential presence of codeine or ethylmorphine. 
  • Adults: Suitable for adults under the guidance of a healthcare provider. 
  • Elderlies: Caution is advised due to potential increased sensitivity to side effects. 
  • Pregnancy: Generally not recommended due to the potential risk of pre-term bleeding. 
  • Lactation: Not recommended for breastfeeding mothers due to the risk of passing active substances to the baby and no sufficient studies to establish safety in lactation. 


Not suitable for individuals with known allergy to any ingredients in Cocillana Syrup. 

Any warnings and precautions : 

Use with caution in patients with a history of asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Interactions and contraindications: 

Cocillana Syrup should not be used with MAOIs, alcohol, or other CNS depressants.

Side Effects

Side effects may include drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and dizziness. Serious side effects can include difficulty breathing or allergic reactions. 

Pharmacist Tips

Storage Information: 

  • Store Cocillana Syrup at room temperature, away from light and moisture. 

Handling Instructions: 

  • Measure doses precisely with the provided measuring device. Do not use a household spoon, as this may lead to incorrect dosing. 


Where is Cocillana Syrup available in Hong Kong?

Cocillana Compound Syrup (Sugar-Free) is availabe to buy over-the counter in Hong Kong (per Department of Health Drug Office). 


Can Cocillana Syrup be used for a dry cough? 

Cocillana Syrup is typically used for productive coughs, but its ingredients may help soothe a dry cough. Consult with a healthcare provider for appropriate treatment. 

How long can I take Cocillana Syrup?

Cocillana Syrup should only be taken for short periods as directed by a healthcare provider. Prolonged use can lead to tolerance or dependency, especially if it contains codeine or ethylmorphine.

Can Cocillana Syrup cause drowsiness?

Yes, Cocillana Syrup can cause drowsiness. Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery until you know how it affects you.

Is it safe to take Cocillana Syrup with other medications?

Always consult with a healthcare provider before combining Cocillana Syrup with other medications, as it may interact with various drugs, including other cough and cold medicines. 

Remember to use Cocillana Syrup strictly as prescribed and consult with a healthcare provider for any concerns or questions regarding its use. 

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