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COVID-19 Update

Education and information are key factors in the management of infectious diseases. We continue to believe that given adequate, balanced and reliable information, most people will be less worried about the current situation. We have produced an analysis of COVID-19 by answering 9 simple questions here.

The disease has continued to spread geographically and as it does the epidemic of anxiety likewise roles outwards from the epicentre. As we have previously described, anxiety is both more infectious and more dangerous than the disease itself. It seems inevitable that regardless of the severity of the epidemic, the impact from the economic damage exacerbated by the infodemic will do more harm than the disease itself. Look for the same issues that we have seen in Hong Kong to play out internationally.

We have produced some resources to help navigate the anxiety epidemic here.

The impact of COVID-19 on the population will be determined by the epidemic, not by the severity of the illness on a case by case basis. We are regularly updating the latest understanding and evidence of this process:

The latest update on COVID-19: The disease

The latest update on COVID-19: The epidemic

Understanding of the disease continues at an unprecedented pace. A blood test for antibodies to COVID-19 is now available. Apart from helping in the diagnosis of the illness, these newer tests will give valuable information about the number of milder cases in the community. This will give very important information about disease severity. We have updated our information on COVID-19 testing. We would encourage anyone who has any concerns to discuss this issue with their doctor. OT&P clinics have been and will remain open and fully operational in order to care for our patients.

Our health information resources are now available in Chinese and French

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COVID-19 最新消息:疾病

COVID-19 最新消息:流行病