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OT&P COVID-19 Update

We have explained previously the importance of understanding the process in terms of both the disease and the epidemic. We are regularly updating the latest understanding and evidence here

The impact of this disease on the population will be determined by the epidemic, not by the severity of the illness on a case by case basis. The public health measures must be understood in this context. In this article, we explain the difference between containment and management of infectious disease and ask ‘When and how can we all get back to normal?’

In order to minimise risks of epidemics of infectious disease we aim to reduce the risks of exposure but also to boost the immunity of both individuals and the population. Boosting immunity, like improving performance in other areas of life, includes management of exercise, nutrition, sleep and psychological well being. This is explained further here.

A number of commercial tests have now been developed for COVID-19 and more will be available over the next few weeks. All medical tests involve risk benefit decisions and we do not currently advise testing unless specifically medically indicated. A summary of the evidence for the available testing and our analysis of potential considerations can be found here. Our clinics remain open and working as normal and we would encourage you to discuss this with your doctor if you have any specific concerns.

Education and information are key factors in the management of infectious diseases. We continue to believe that given adequate, balanced, reliable information that most people will be less worried about the current situation. We would continue to encourage you to critically analyse all medical information (including ours) and ask if it is rational and logical.

Our COVID-19 health information resources are now available in Chinese and French.

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