Sports Medicine

What is OT&P's approach to Sports Medicine?

The goal of sports and exercise medicine is to optimise physical well being and performance and to reduce sports-related injury.

The greatest risk factor for sports injury is a previous injury. Research suggests that a significant number, probably the majority, of sports injuries can be prevented. The vast majority of injury prevention interventions also enhance performance.

At OT&P we identify and manage sports injury with a focus on active rehabilitation. We manage athletes holistically with a focus on individual needs. Our goal is to optimise underlying biomechanics via strength and conditioning, manage training load and enhance nutrition. 

Who should get a Sports Medicine consultation?

OT&P's Sports and Exercise Medicine department has overseen national and international sports competitions. We've looked after Olympians and weekend warriors.

Whether you are an elite international athlete or slightly out of shape and wanting to get active, the principles are the same. We can help you increase performance in a way that meets your individual goals whilst keeping you active and injury free.

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