What is OT&P's approach to Orthopaedics?

Orthopaedics is a speciality in medicine focused on the study and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. At OT&P, we specialise in the treatment and correction of the spine, joints, and muscles — with a particular focus on treating back pains.

Our full-time orthopaedic specialist can offer various treatments depending on the severity of your pain, including manual treatments, physical therapy, surgery, and bracing to treat any form of spinal dysfunctions.

Who should get an Orthopaedic consultation?

If you have any form of intense or chronic pain, it might be time to see an orthopaedist. Outside of your regular shoulder and back pain, our orthopaedist can also treat various common conditions including runner's knee, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and arthritis.

We also offer hospital and surgical consultations with more complicated and severe situations in order to advise in recovery, rehabilitation, and prevention methods.

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