What is OT&P's approach to Ophthalmology?

Having good eyesight is part of retaining independence and quality of life as we get older. As such, the healthcare of the eye is one of the most important parts of the human body.

OT&P can help follow-up on any diagnosis made relating to the eye. Our in-house Ophthalmology expert has over a decade of experience in treating the most severe eye-related diseases and was one of the leading surgeons of the high-volume cataract surgery centre in Tseung Kwan O Hospital.

Who should get a Ophthalmology consultation?

You should visit an ophthalmologist regularly, even if your eyesight feels completely fine. A yearly eye examination is highly recommended for all ages.

If you experience any of the symptoms like distorted vision, red-eye, any form of eye injury or pain, and double vision, then you should see our ophthalmology specialist as soon as possible. 

Our Ophthalmologist is also experienced in the areas of femtosecond laser cataract surgeries and glaucoma examination and treatment.

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