Immune Resilience Package


Bundling Nutritional Consultations with Health Coaching & Email Support

  • 3 x Health Coaching Consultations 
  • 2 x Nutritional Consultations
  • Ongoing Email Support

1st Nutritional Consultation
  • Discuss nutrition concepts to target immunity
    • Anti-inflammatory, low carbohydrate approach
    • Macros, meal composition, and balance including portion sizes
    • Therapeutic diet plan if needed (for example: IBS, detoxification, autoimmune, low histamine)
  • Supplements may be recommended 
  • Written summary with resources

2nd Nutritional Consultation

  • Follow up session to fine tune the plan and discuss what has worked, and challenges faced
  • Education on Food sourcing, reading nutrition labels, cooking and food preparation techniques and healthy fats and oils
  • Discuss how to move forward and maintain healthy eating and lifestyle habits

Health Coaching consultations

Session 1 (60 mins, online or In-person)

  • Explore health history & current health and wellness
  • Look at lifestyle factors impact immunity.
  • Identify goals and create plan with small sustainable steps
Follow Up Consults 2 &3 (30 mins online):
  • Depending on needs, lifestyle factors such as sleep hygiene, stress management and  movement will be addressed, along with evaluating progress and working out how to overcome obstacles.