Combat Mould Toxicity Program

Mould Spores

Program Details

Have you been suffering from persistent symptoms that cannot be explained or addressed?  It is possible you may be suffering from toxic mould exposure. This can cause vague and diverse symptoms including chronic sinus congestion, ear ringing, headaches, brain fog, fatigue, vertigo, shortness of breath, digestive changes, skin rashes, chemical and food sensitivities, and low immunity.

Hong Kong’s very humid climate creates the perfect environment for indoor mould growth, and its spores and mycotoxins can wreak havoc on our health causing inflammation and a wide range of symptoms.

The package includes consultations with Selina Kuok, our functional medicine Nutritionist and one investigation:

  • Initial 90 minute consultation
  • One comprehensive investigation (MycoTOX test)
  • One 60 minute follow up consultation to discuss results
  • Tailored treatment plan including recommendations on a low mould diet, healing foods and supplements to support recovery, how to detoxify mould from the body, and maintaining a healthy home environment

Selina suffered from mould illness herself and has done extensive studies on mould toxicity and strategies to recover from it.